Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just an update because it's 7:30 in the morning and I can't sleep anymore.

Well, last night as I left the office I got a call and decided to go Home. So I caught a bus and was soon back in Bet Shemesh. (Convenient how that works, no? I NEVER coulda done THAT in Jersey.)

Aside from being a breeding place for some gazillion different types of germs, fungi and sicknesses - I was reminded once again why indoor pools can be nice. Sure, it does totally ruin the fun of adapting to the temp. and it's kinda like swimming in an oversized bathtub (with a ton of other people) but, it is a pool either way. If you aren't getting my drift - I went to the Reishit pool for the first time. (Granted, it was too sobering of a thought to realize that for every sixty-seconds that I was in the pool, I was paying 1/2 a shekel.) But, truth of the matter is - every once in a while, you sort of need a release. Mentally I can get it by writing, emotionally by crying and physically - well, physically I tend to get a high when water is involved. I'm not sure why, but the sheer beauty of it never fails to amaze me. A lot of people are not comfortable in the water, they don't trust it. But, I have no such reservations. As usual, I won every race and worked out all of my muscles. My back-crawl has fallen into an abominable state but I had no problem breathing front-crawl on a four count. (Even after a whole year. YAY!)

Back at Home, I noticed that the sun-burn on my shoulder has hit the 'peeling' stage. Which wouldn't disturb me, but it's sort of a funny color (purplyish) so, I guess I'll keep an eye on it.

What else what else? Well, we made salad dressing for Brenda, roasted marshmellows, talked, I practiced my 'homework' (on both Eli and Sammy) and we danced around the kitchen (which we haven't done in a VERY long time.)

This morning Sammy and I were supposed to go swimming (again) but I think it would be better to refrain. You know how 'over-doing' something can kill it? Yeah, I'm a little worried about that. But I do really want to go. Alas. There will be other times. Maybe Thursday night, seeing as nobody more interesting has asked me to make plans with them.

I feel stretched, relaxed, content(enough) and have I mentioned that the numbers are going down again? Sorta good and sorta not. I mean, I don't mind - BUT - I only hope I can stop them when I need to. It'll be a test of will-power and brains. *sigh* complications.

You'll probably hear from me again later seeing as ALL the bosses are gone now and I have 5 hours to FILE this afternoon and tomorrow and Thursday and all the way until next Thursday... (Of course, I'll be filing alone because after all - 'other people' have 'more important' things to be doing...)

Alright, I'm off to get dressed so that Freddie N' Me can go buy some mushrooms so that we can make breakfast. I just LOVE lazy mornings...

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