Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Help Me Sis! I've Fallen!!

So this morning was a lazy one aside from my shopping spree to Super-pharm. I needed a new color nail-polish. So I like Pink. So sue me. :P

Tanya didn't wind up coming over but I did speak to her.

Work was work. Made a slightly BIG mistake - but it honestly wasn't my fault. And yes, I did own up to it, after all I did make it.

Thanks for the heart-to-heart Rays. I really do appreciate it - even though trying to discuss a topic like that beween phones ringing and runs to the printer do complicate matters. I'll figure it out - eventually, and yes, I DO intend to laugh about it a few years down the line.

Thought tonight was going to be a 'same-old' but for a change things actually worked out (I must admit, much to my own surprise.) Aside from getting to hear Sammy play her composition, I actually got to see a movie. Very educational if I do say so myself. (And yes, you are capable of the unimaginable. Good job. I was quite impressed.)

I almost slept on the hammock but after cleaning up I decided that it just wouldn't be fun all alone (well, last time I DID share it with Sammy.) So I headed inside and now the time has come to sleep and dream.

Tomorrow morning tune in for a shopping spree in town with Freddie. (Yay for new shirts that actually fit!!) Followed by five hours in bedlam. The stunning finale will hopefully be a candle-lit interlude in the basement bathroom. *sigh* I'd better make a new music mix for this one. I'm gonna need it.

So pull out the bubble-bath and salts.

Relaxation - here I come!!!

And a long weekend!!!

Hey Rays, enjoy the beach! Three hours of tanning?! You lucky gal! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Atleast u had an enjoyable night last night