Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Don't Belong Here...

Dinner wasn't so bad. I mean, it could've been worse. At least the food was good.

Tagged along with Sammy and Little Brother. Felt like a tag-along. (For those of you who don't know the feeling. Don't try it. It isn't fun.)

REFUSED to go with Shani. Even though she tried to stare me down.

Caught the last bus Home.

Got my finger mashed in the door frame when SOMEBODY tried to be helpful.

Opened my new computer. It is ugly as sin. Square, boxy and squat. Uglier than I ever was. Ok, so it has a big screen. Ok, so it runs like a charm. It has NO touchpad and only a joystick. It is HUGE. It won't fit in my backpack and after paying for it I don't exactly have the funds to buy a special new backpack for it.

I just want my Inspiron 4150 and all of my data.

I just want a hug and for somebody to tell me that everything will be ok.

There I go. Deluding myself again.

Nice things like that don't happen to me.

And Little Brother - for the record - you think it was easy for me to say no?! It broke me into a gazillion little pieces and hurt more than you can imagine.

And once again, for the record - I still have not cried.

Unshed tears hold five times the equivalent pain. At least, that is how I feel.

The question is, when will the time be right to just let go?

Maybe things will be better in the morning.

Who am I kidding?

Oh yeah,


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da'kender said...

Hello sister dear! Never fear! I like you anyway! :) Are we going to have a fun shabbos?