Monday, May 22, 2006

I Speak Too Quickly?!

Alright, so I do tend to speak quickly. I guess it's a habit I formed when I realized that in order to be able to say everything that I want to say in a short amout of time - well, you've got no choice but to cram and speed-it-up. So, I do. :)

School was school. Work was work. I dislike the post-office runs and the new guy freaks me out. On the bright side - I usually only have to go every other day AND it gets me out of bedlam for anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour...

Tonight Shosh has a 'practice' session and so it is going to be a late night. In addition, we've decided that we really DO need to go shopping so we're going to 'hit' the grocery store after her 'client' leaves. (Well, it'll only be somewhere in the vicinity of 23:00 - so it'll be early yet.)

Maybe I'll see Tanya in the morning. She might come pick up her stuff. I think I'll ask her if she can think of any pancakes for me as I am getting fed up with my situation (or lack thereof.)

My 21st birthday is steadily approaching. I can't escape it. (Please don't leave comments saying - "well I'm going to be 22!" or "But I'm SOOOOO much older than you" or anything of that nature.) This is just my 'silly crisis' at the moment. You know, the little stupid thing that I can't change but it's something to gripe about. (Which as you know - knowing me - I am GOOD at and always seem to do.)

Well folks, it is looking a little more clear with every passing moment that this week will be as undisturbed as I had originally anticipated. I am still going Home on Wednesday night after work for my 'extended weekend' - and I am still hoping (stupidly at this point) that we will actually go to the beach on Thursday morning.

I do feel accomplished though. This week I managed to do some homework, clean up some stuff, finish my book, spend time with Nootch, spend time with Sassy, spend (some) time with Shosh, I was in touch with both Becca and Debs (though I do intend to spend some more time with them (even if it is virtual.)) And I even called Tanya!

I've been busy. I'm impressed. And, my hair is a mess. I braided it this morning to get it out of my face and I neglected to put any gel in to keep down the frizzies - so the frizz has escaped and it's all-over the place.

A friend suggested that I do a 'stream of concsiousness' last night and that at the end I should "choose the best sentence and scrap the rest" - So, I did. This is what I came up with - though I honestly can't decide whether or not I like it:

"But still in the dark a light remains, a candle's flickering glow. Though shadows long and down it burns and soon the light will go."

It's a wistful sort of thing. It can either mean losing hope or it can mean moving on - so either it is sad or it is happy. Come to think of it - it is more sad. But sometimes the only way to get to the happiness is through the hard-times. Right? I mean - like a friend always reminds me, "You can't fully appreciate the light if you don't experience the dark." If you never feel the cold fingers of pain and despair, it is simply inconceivable that you can fully appreciate the greatness of the good.


~{~~@ said...

For me a half a story is like "eating yellow snow" (feel free to update me anytime- even when I pretend being busy)
Hope you are able to see quickly how everything will work out according to His plans...
My offer for Wednesday still stands- your gorgeous nephew would be so happy to meet you-
The critic will always criticize, from him it's practically a compliment- but I'm honored to be somehow related to your title today!

'Yo Abba said...

I find the poetry of Hanah Senesh to be most inspiring:

There are stars who radiance is visible on earth though they have been long extinct.

There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world though they are no longer among the living.

These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark.

They light the way for mankind.

These words inspire me to be that type of person.

I hope that you too will be inspired.

da'kender said...

U up for Wednesday morning?
Why do all the clothes fit you?!
I am not going to say it.
"We must, we must..."
I'll stop now ;)