Saturday, May 20, 2006

I Spot A Sam-wich!!!...

"Tofu Tochacha" - ok Daddy? Spiritual enough for you?!?

Shabbos was really really nice. Friday night was great. After the meal the four 'older' siblings played cards. We started with Moron - I mean, President and switched over to ERS at some point. Either way, we didn't walk to Aviv and we still went to sleep at almost one in the morning.

Woke up on time for Shul. It was pretty quick and as usual I was freeeezing. The Silas bar-mitzvah emptied out our shul and the whole Kehila was invited to the kiddush. Of course, rather than wasting time going to the matnas we headed Home to nosh on the peanut-butter-less rice krispy treats. :) Then a quick nap on the hammock before our 'light lunch' followed by z'mirot and then another (extended) nap on the hammock.

Late in the afternoon Ora came over. We played with our teddies, and shmoozed till Shabbos ended.

After Havdala Sammy made some Minestrone soup while I made a batch of garlic knots. Three cheers for Melava Malka (especially when it's yummy like this one...)

On this weeks agenda - Stazh, Work, Pep-talks, Shteiging, Shopping (for groceries that is), Arts & Crafts and of course a last-stand.

Hopefully I'll make it to the beach this week. It is a quick one. Yay for the last week of the month!! Come Wednesday night, I am free for the weekend.

I hope everything works out...

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Chavs said...

Hope everything works for you this week! Shavuah Tov!!!