Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Not Tonight Yet...

So the question of the afternoon - after the Advil is - Why can't I type in English and Hebrew together? I mean, I speak in Heblish, so why not type in it?

For the record - I DID enjoy myself last night. Quite a lot as a matter of fact. :) I wouldn't mind doing it again in the near future (hint hint...) (Don't worry Rays, I'm not REALLY thinking about it. Remember? That's the deal...)

The Shopping Spree this morning was quite successful. And I even got to chill with Sas!

Some people are crazy and stam. Never mind. Scratch that thought.

Yes Sis, we are indeed quite a pair. Insane and outta our minds - but that is why everybody loves us. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Oh yes, I was gullible. Haha, you didn't REALLY go to the beach! But you did get a nice screen tan. And no dear - it is NOT Thursday. It's only Wednesday. But you WILL miss me tomorrow... :)

I think the Air-conditioner has emerged victorious.

More later. If I make it. Just two hours to go...


~{~~@ said...

One hour 59 minutes to go...
I dunno if you'll make it especially not next to me :)
Your blog deserves better- you better have more later (OOOOoooohhhh! a two post day)

~{~~@ said...

Why is it that neither of us can say a complete sentence to the other without being interrupted by:
a. phone call
b. She-boss - panic attack
c. majorly weird co-workers
d. phone call (oh right, I said that)
I'll let you know if more come up...