Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's Written in the Stars...

This morning Mommy drove me into the city. I had my first 'Stazh' class. (Basically, all that means is that I practiced the art of reflexology on some poor old lady. Actually she was 74 and very nice, but the point is - I did it and if I manage to do the same for another 6 weeks I will receive my certification and can then move on to web design and technical writing courses so that I can quit my job (where I earn 'nothing') and start making 50-100 shekels an hour too! Sounds good to me and all it requires is skill, patience, dedication and a 'good eye' - I think I could fit those credentials and criteria.

Work was (if you hadn't noticed my comment above) novel. I spent two hours on the floor filing stacks of papers, one and a half hours entering data into a makeshift database that I am attempting to construct for obsolete information from 2003 that we (for some reason which I fail to see) 'need' to keep and an hour doing nothing. Yes, I left 1/2 an hour early. It's not like there was anything to do and frankly I had a date and wasn't in the mood to stay there one minute longer.

Freddie came to the office at 6ish. I provided her with a chair an numerous 'sudoku' puzzles (which incidentally can be found online at At 6:30 (just after the little old man offered to buy my apatment) we headed out into the wild yonder to blaze our trail. Along the way I picked up a new Shabbos shirt (though the machine was broken. I mean, there was something wrong with the card?) And then we headed over to a quiet little place where we ate and shmoozed. We straightened out facts and now everything makes sense. Our next stop was a stroll to Gan Ha'atzmaut (along the way we ran into some Miskins. They are so adorable!!!) in the park, we did what we love to do. The sky was overcast but the stars were beautiful nonetheless. Seeing as we were so close we decided that after all this shmoozing we could really use some Divine inspiration so we headed to the Old City for a heartfelt Ma'ariv at the Kotel. On the way out of the Jewish Quarter we ran away from somebody and stopped for a 'midnight snack'? A walk down Yafo while discussing me breaking traditions and the funny habits of chayalim brought us to the bus-stop where we caught a bus and headed back to the 'other' side of town.

All in all a wonderfully relaxing evening. Conclusions - boys are silly (even if they are adorable), self-respect is too important to lose, ice-cream is yummy, cozy little book-store/cafes are GREAT places to shmooze and most importantly - it is GREAT to have a sister for a friend.

Freddie - thank you for making my day.

I love you.


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da'kender said...

and thank you for supper sister dearest :) I likes raviolis... :) hehehe! that was crazy!