Saturday, May 13, 2006

Keep 'Em Laughing...

Shabbos was, as expected, quiet and laid-back. Friday night was chilled. After the meal Sammy and I spent a good long while shmoozing with Shani. We spoke about coins (heads & tails), shoe's soles and clock's faces. We strolled out to the rose garden and enjoyed the views though the iriya cut back all of the stems so some of the beauty was lacking. Nonetheless, the was a full moon and the weather was delightful. Finally, I had a close encounter with some vile tasting pink stuff and decided to go to bed.

Made it to shul on time. It is always FREEZING in there. You'd think they'd have figured out how to work the AC by now, but I guess not.

Lunch was a drawn out affair. Though I did manage to prove once again that I may look cute but really I'm evil. :)

Then I retired to the hammock for yet another Shabbos afternoon spent lazily in the sun.

Woof came to visit (and study for a test with Sammy.) She's gonna be head-counselor at Achdut this year. Those kids are going to have an AMAZING summer!

For the record - if somebody has a question regarding me, you would probably do best to ask ME about it rather than demanding information from fellow onlookers like yourself.

Ora came over and invited me to accompany her to Sheinfeld. I went with her and we made it there and back in record time.

I caught up with Daddy and parts of the Clark Family, so I joined their group as we headed down to the end of Haarazim for Shaleshudes. Have I mentioned what amazing people the Clarks are?! They're a great family and I enjoy every chance I get to spend time with them. No wonder Sammy loves piano lessons and babysitting. :)

Ever been in one of those uncomfortable situations where somebody wants to ask you questions that you don't want to answer but there are other people so they can't? Well, I had to sit through a number of those today.

A new week begins and I do not know what to expect.

Hoping to see certain people and spend time with certain friends.

At least I have plans for Sunday night - Me n' Freddie are going on a date.

But, I am free any other night of the week.

So, call me...



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