Sunday, May 07, 2006

Liquid Refreshment Anybody?...

The morning started off pretty well. I mean, I woke up(ish) when Sammy's alarm went off at 6:30. I lazed in bed till almost 8:00. (Lazy lazy little me...) I spent an hour and a half at one of the infamous 'Misrad' places. This time in an attempt to get reimbursment for my studies this past year. There was a slight misunderstanding, but what is money in the long run? (Never mind. Forget I asked that.) Finally everything was signed and we were outta there. At Home there was nothing to do so I took me and my sunburnt arms and we went to wait at the bus-stop.

I have noticed that G-d is REALLY out to get me. I mean, talk about trying my patience and sanity... I have been reduced to blogging at the office (due to a lack of working computers in my apartment) My arms are completely sun-burnt and on top of everything, just to be funny, I have three mosquito bites on my left arm (yes, ON the sunburn!!!) and NO Mommy, I DO NOT want to call the stupid person and I'm not going to - if you do, I won't stop you, but I don't want to hear about it until afterwards. Just tell me when and where and make sure I can take a shower beforehand. OK?!

I am currently bored out of my mind. I have nothing to write (because my brain is in a stupor) I have nothing to think about (because I can't deal with everything and so am on 'stand-by' for the moment.)

I hate being so confused. It drives me up the walls!! At least I have Fringe and Frizze with me. Their little smiles are ever so encouraging (even if their presence does get strange looks tossed my way.)

I hate high-heels. I hate make-up. I hate wearing glasses. ARG!

At least there was one highlight to my day - my Becca called me from all the way Down-Under. It was soooo good to hear her voice (funny messed up accent and all.) I MISS YOU BECCA!!!

And everybody else out there; Hinda, Chava, Adina, Debs, Mir, Hindy, Moushkie, Chan... - It's been a while since I said it, but, I MISS EVERYBODY SOOOOO MUCH!!!

And then I had an extremely disturbing and depressing thought - my birthday is in something like 52 days. At which point I will be 21. And that means that ideally (though not realistically) I have a mere 99 years left of my existence on this planet. I just realized that I have already used up 1/5th of my life. Strange to ponder.

Ok, I'm freaking myself out.

Forget this train of thought.

The boss is calling...

I'm outta here.


debsy said...

so i'm already 21 thanks, and ur starting to depress me, trust me that is the last thing i need right now!!! so can u pls stop it! thanks!

Chavs said...

I MISS YOU TOOO!!!!!!!!!

'Yo Abba said...

Think about this Lori - Adella told everyone that she was up-to-her-eyeballs-busy and started sending people away (even those with appointments), but she still found time to spend almost an hour with us.

Do you know why? It proves once again that no one can resist the SMILE.

'Yo Abba

Lorelai said...

Sorry Debs, I was just pondering down strange and twisting paths... I'll stop. I promise. I didn't mean to make you sad. Can you forgive me, partner? :)

Chavs - Bet I miss you more :P

Daddy - yes, 'The Smile' all I can say is, maybe yours. But plenty of people have no problem turning down mine. :(

da'kender said...

Well, at least you're not a chipmunk.

debsy said...

don't worry partner, i'd forgive u any day!!

~{~~@ said...

So if i'm 23, what does that mean? Not that I mind or anything - I mean life is soooo much fun, right?
I guess it wasn't too busy without us yesterday -
Wishing a better day for everyone...

Adina :) said...

I MISS YOU TOO LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get your internet connection back soon I know what its like - and its sooo annoying!

I'm 21 tooooo!!!
and wow what a sobering thought we better get craking at saving the world because I don't know if 99 yrs will be enough!

debsy said...

Lori, did we gain an extra partner that u didn't tell me about? ;-) Not that I mind it would be fun!!