Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Pillow Just Smells Like A Pillow...

And my blanket just smells like a blanket.

Today was novel to say the least. (That is if you couldn't tell from my previous post.)

Though I went to sleep after 1 I still woke up at 6:30 and started my day. On the bright side - not having nightmares did make the five and a half hours of sleep seem more refreshing than usual.

Chilled with Sas and Sam. Went on a shopping spree and managed to get 5 new shirts (Yay for shirts that fit!!) Work was psychotic. I got to leave early and there were no voicemails. Made it Home in time to throw a bathing-suit into my bag and head out to the pool. Sara was there and Brenda and Michalie too! We swam and swam and swam. Then we treaded and worked out all of our major muscle groups. Then we headed Home on foot. On the way I FINALLY got the ice-cream that I had been craving all day (all because I had to buy one for somebody else. But I FINALLY got one of my own - and it was YUMMY!) Sara came over and I practiced my homework (and so, tonight the room smells like lavender.)

Now we are chilling around the table. Sara is sleeping over, and for some reason Brenda is still awake. Eli is here (but when DOES he sleep) and Freddie the cous-cous maker too.

I am tired. Quite tired. And covered in massage oil and chlorine. My hair is a wreck and I really did want to take a bath but somehow I seem to have missed the chance. It's alright though. I had a good time regardless.

The question is whether or not to go swimming in the morning.

I want my pillow to smell yummy again. But, my best bet for that would probably be to shower and then go to sleep after asphyxiating Sammy with some purple stuff.

I like the purple stuff. It really is the Lori smell.

I've made it all my own and it fits.

And so the weekend begins...


da'kender said...

Shirts that fit are fun! I wonder?


oh yeah:
"When I enter the realm of blissful sleep I dream of you and my sleep is sweet and I am content..."


You silly monkey!


Drumna(drochit) said...

Well Freddie,


Aside from that all I can say is that it's like a carnival for the senses. Allow me to elaborate;

Looks appealing, Smells yummy, Sounds like music.

As for feeling - due to technical difficulties, I can't actually say.

And taste? Well, personally - it is def. my style.

Oh yeah, I heard rumor that a cute guy was eating over on Shabbos. But it seems that he's already taken... :P