Saturday, May 06, 2006

NO Petting, Fondling or Caressing...

Shabbos was beautiful. b"H. A balm for my pain, a dressing for my wounds. Have I mentioned how much I love Shabbos? There is something undeniably beautiful about having a day, on which we are commanded to stop everything, take care of ourselves and get a little closer to The Source of ALL Things. Like R' Taub taught us, if we weren't commanded to do it - only then would we not be free. It is a beautiful thought and one that I revel in every week when Shabbos comes around.

Friday night was laid back. Shul, Shmooze, Meal, (sorely needed...) Sleep. Nothing more exciting than that - but everything flowed so well that I almost felt tranquil.

Shabbos day was just as relaxing. Though I woke up at 5:30, I was quite chipper. (Chipper. Hehe, great word.) Woke Sammy, woke Nuch and headed out to Shul. Daddy was running early and had finished his coffee so I walked with him and we discussed the ignorance of American college students in terms of Middle-Eastern politics. Davening was nice (though the parsha(s) was/were long.) Lunch was a quick affair (but we sang nonetheless.) There was a squabble for the hammock but in the end, I was granted the privelege of my favorite spot.

(Now for the down-side...) As much as I love the sun, I am NOT used to it (because I seem to spend my day-time-hours indoors and my night-time-hours out.) And so, two hours of peaceful slumber (though appreciated and refreshing...) had some pretty dire outcomes. Namely - the upper portions of my arms turning beet-red and quite burnt. (Guess it's G-d's way of saying, sleep inside or wear a shirt with longer sleeves next time...)

Yeah, so basically, I am quite sunburnt (which has not happened for a good 7-8 years.) And, boy oh boy does it HURT!!! (Guess this is a good enough reason for a dose of Advil...)

Ora came to wake me up and with Nuch and Libby we headed back to her house for 'shaleshudes' and singing. I'm so glad we did. Gave us time to spend together and it's always easier to let Shabbos go when you are with friends who appreciate it the way you do.

Now I need to go bathe my arms in vinegar baths and cut off a BIG leaf of Aloe to smear on afterwards. Tomorrow morning, adventure with Adela as I attempt to get the reimbursment for school.

Quick Hakarat Hatov section: Thank you Debs for your e-mails, through everything, the only tears I shed were when I read your beautiful notes to me, I've got the cape and I'm ready to go but first I need to say, thank you for saving me. Thank you Little Brother for entertaining me today. Even though you wouldn't read to me, I still enjoyed watching my peace-loving little critters beat each other up. Thank you Freddie for NOT tipping over the hammock, even though you tried to steal my lower leg, upper leg, knee and... Oh, forget it!!! You tried to take the whole darned thing!! Thank you Nuch for coming - as always, t'was a pleasure to see you, speak to you and spend time with you dahhhhling. Sorry I couldn't be much more of a help to you. And last but not least, thank you Scary-Monster for making me smile, giving me advice and offering to help.

Shavua Tov, Smile and remember...

Good Pancakes and Puppies are more elusive than gold.

Though, I am not wishy-washy I am patient and I like to get what I want.

Hehe, I sound like an impetulant, spoiled child.

Who am I kidding?

Oh yeah,


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da'kender said...

Hello sister dearest! How are you doing? This hasnt started off so comment like, has it? hmmm... The it is thinking and so am I.

I'm glad you enjoyed shabbos! Mine was interesting after you left. I think Ora is scared of me. Especially after I downed the super green and said it tasted yummy.

HaHaHa... I know you are feeling chipper. Its good to feel like that! Like if you were wearing a cap it would be perched at a jaunty angle on you head. Yup, I know the feeling :) But dont you feel powerful. I hate having kind of control over other people, but it is an ego booster sometimes as you've said yourself. Like just before...

Ok, I'm going to go blog! See you when you get out of the bathroom... why does it take you so long just to brush your teeth?! Get out of there! I need to go!

ok, not really... but maybe later...