Thursday, May 11, 2006

Puppies, Pancakes and Wishes...

I would start with my usual - 'It's Thursday already?' thing. But I think instead I shall take a different route.

Thus far it has been an extremely boring day. No calls or texts, I think Shosh is ticked at me (though one never knows) and it makes me feel like I am in the midst of a domestic squabble. Though we are left with the predicament of WHO wears the skirts in the relationship so WHO is allowed to be Witchy and cry? I dunno, I REALLY was in a GOOD mood and she was the one sitting and scowling. I mean, I know she is working really hard and working two jobs to boot - but that is what she thinks that she HAS to do. Never mind, I refuse to get into it. I'm going Home for Shabbos anyway so I have some free time also known as time away from her. (HA! What is free time? All I want is to go to the beach. Anybody want to join me?)

Little brother - my sunburn is peeling so I look funnier than usual. It's a shame you won't be around to see it.

Tonight I won't even be getting Home until late. Supposedly the family is coming into the city to go out for dinner in honor of Eli's birthday. In addition, I no longer have claim to my bicycle.

In other exciting news - my computer situation is on its way to being rectified. If all goes according to plan my new computer should be at Home waiting for me when I get there. Now I just need to figure out how to ressurect the data from my old hard-drive and shtoop it to my new toy.

Of course, this is all banking on the fact that things will work out the way I would like for them to. HA! Who is laughing now? I'm not. Things work out for me only too rarely for me to have any real faith.

Wow. I just realized, I am beyond being a whining brat. I am so spoiled rotten that I don't know how people can stand to be in the same room as me.

Well, I may be broke but soon I will have a brand new beautiful computer.

It's kind of a shame though. I would rather have had my old one.

Maybe next week will be better.

Hey, I'm allowed to dream.

More Later...

You know,

The conclusion.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for abandoning you today!
Shabbat Shalom!
~big sis
p.s. I am beaching tommorrow