Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Raw Falafel, Gallstones and Super-Green...

I went into Jeru with Sammy this morning. She had an 'efes' so I caught the 7am bus with her. We were in Jeru in no time and I headed to my apartment where I saw Shosh, cut out the material for my new skirt (which I'm not so crazy about) and sat around doing nothing (which today consisted of laundry and dishes.) I did make it to the bank (yay for Lori!) then I walked to work carrying my overstuffed backpack the whole way. The office was pretty quiet. I did a lot of nothing and a little of something. The bosses are all going away over the next few weeks so I am going to be spending A LOT of time filing and once the filing is finished I suppose I will knit, beat my high score in Destruct-o-match or even (dare I say it..) twiddle my thumbs.

My boss graciously allowed me to leave half an hour early. I dashed to catch a bus to TM and made it there, inside, up the stairs, out the door, onto the leaving bus and all with only a minor catastrophe to my favorite Barnes & Noble bag - (may it rest in pieces.)

At Home I had time to hear all about what dinner was 'going to be' then we headed out for a 'tfilah chagigit' at Shul. Basically, it was just lots of extra Tehillim in the spirit of the day. I figured, extra Tehillim can't hurt, right?!

Back at Home Mommy was making Falafel balls. Israeli Salad was underway as well. However, I was informed that there was NO bread in the house. No, wait. Not NO bread. Rather, there was no bread suitable to eat falafel in/with/on or even - next to. So, I volunteered myself for a project. At 10:00pm I started making Pita. To sum up the story - at Midnight everything was ready. Pitot, Israeli Salad (or whatever was left of it after Ezri 'picked' and 'noshed' on it), Home-made deep-fried 'chips', pickles, Chumus, olives - yeah, you get the picture.

Daddy fell asleep as did Avi and Brenda. Sammy felt too sick to eat (something about squiggling up her insides by jumping rope) and Eli was out at the concert. Nonetheless, Mommy and I enjoyed a full dinner. Well, I did enjoy it at the time - but truth of the matter is, I feel sooo disgustingly full now. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.

I suppose I should go to sleep. Though the signature at the bottom of this post says 11:59pm it is actually 1:00 in the morning and I have to be at the Shul by 8:00ish to help finish setting up for the 'breakfast' thing-a-ma-jig.

I'm hoping we wind up doing something fun tomorrow. Though now that I tried some of Daddy's' orange-aid' I'm a little scared about 'what will be' - alas, I suppose I will find out tomorrow.

I hope it helps.

I want to talk to certain people. I want my computer. Here we go again - I want I want I want...

That's it.

I'm outta here.

To sleep I go.


and Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut!!!

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