Friday, May 26, 2006

Sand is NOT for Eating...

THANKS SIS!!! I really really really really really (have I mentioned REALLY) enjoyed. Even with the sand flying, treasure collecting, sunscreening with a glove and everything else - I had a great time. And I think we got some color. I mean, we were in the sun (even when we were in the shade...) :)

So everybody out there who hasn't caught on yet - today I went with my big sis and the munchkin to the beach and it was amazingly fun!!! Besides for the fact that I finally made it to the beach I got to spend quality time with Rays (and I promise to start trying to talk as much as my words do - but I'll try to slow down a bit so that everybody can understand me. Hehe, you sure this is a good idea?...) ;)

Shabbos is on its way! Little brother is gonna be around. Lunch tomorrow is going to be quite interesting as we're having guests. Motza"sh will be a movie date with Brenda (and anyone else who would like to join us. We're going to watch Kate and Leopold.)

I'm getting quite excited - after such a fun morning I'm hoping that things will just keep going up and up and up!!

Have a great one everybody!!!

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Chavs said...

ya for the beach!!!