Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stop Flashing Me!!!...

Shabbos was decidedly wonderful.

Friday night was entertaining as we rewound the meal and undid the soup in order to make Kiddush (again) without spilling the grape-juice except for 'on accident...' (Of course, the cup is STILL upside-down.) Little Brother ate over (though the headache might not have been worth it.) After the meal I declined the silent invite to go on a walk and spent time shmoozing with Michalie and Brenda. (And why does everybody seem to spell their names with 'y's instead of 'i's?! Maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years and it should really be Lory? Wouldn't that make me a truck though? Now, I'm not only feeling ill from the thought of guzzling gasoline but it looks funny. I guess I'll stick with the 'i' for the time being. I slept on the hammock because it was tooo hot to stay inside even with the AC on.

hi me :) <-- Little Brother's contribution to the blog. Hello Little Brother.

Shabbos day was quiet. Shul went on forever and finally when it was over I headed Home and we waited for the Feldmans and the Miskins to show up. Lunch was interesting to say the very least. As certain people eyed each other warily over the cholent and Eli pulled out cleavers and big sticks. We weren't overly sociable to everybody who came to the door - but it wasn't our fault. Sometimes - you just don't want certain people in your house. After the meal we shmoozed (which I must admit was quite nice seeing as I haven't really spoken to Maayana - well... ever. And I haven't said more than two words to Avigdor in a really long time either.) Then I slept on the hammock and tried to decide how to proceed with a certain project that I am working on at the moment. (You know, trying to be all cute, sweet and unforgetable. It's hard sometimes - but hey, sometimes it's worth it.) Went to Ora's for some shteiging and shaleshudes.

Now Shabbos is over. But, it is Rosh Chodesh. It's also a short week because Shavuot is Thursday night. Does this mean that we don't have work on Thursday? Because that would be great - maybe I'll get back to the beach ;) Anybody wanna join me?

Alright - I'm off. I have a long awaited date with Brenda. You know - quality sister time.

Kate and Leopold here we come!!

I wouldn't mind a little 1876.

Any gentlemen out there?

You know where I am.



debsy said...

For ur info its spelt Lorry not Lory, so u wouldn't have to eat any gasoline! Petrol

tevie said...

the good news is im off next week as well :) so u get to see me (and whats left of nook 4 :P) hehe!

Shavua tov and Chodesh tov!