Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunburns and Massage Oil...

Have I ever mentioned that I used to love the scent of lavender? Next to vanilla and roses, it was a favorite. Sadly, a year of working with the essential oil has ruined my passion for it. It is just too strong, too smelly and too darned, well, I'm not even sure what to call it - it is just TOOO MUCH!

I was informed today, by my teacher, (as I lay on the table as a 'body') that contrary to what I may believe, I am NOT fat. (Did you hear that Freddie? I'm not fat.) I am however quite muscular. I'm not sure if that was supposed to make me and my unstable self-image feel any better or what. However, I'll keep jumping-rope (carefully of course, so as not to re-injure my poor pulled muscle) and utilizing my 'alone-time' with my yoga mat. We're getting to be quite good friends and I will soon be back to my old pliable self. (Three cheers for being able to reach past your toes and stay like that for a while!! Yay for being able to sit on your knees and be able to get your back flat on the floor!! All these exciting things to achieve. And then of course, there is the pain...)

The omer is almost half over. I'm STILL trying to decide whether or not to cut my hair. I've heard 'yeahs' and 'nays' however, I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

I have the greatest older sister in the world. And be careful, I might just take you up on one of your offers and spend a Shabbos with you. :P

Work is BORING once again. But, we're making the best of it. (See? I'm using my time wisely, to blog...)

My Sarcastic Quote for the day: "I love being yelled at, I'm so tense that I don't actually register the pain from the shouting until afterwards and if I'm waaay too overloaded - I can actually just bounce the pain and not feel anything. I think that I am numb."

Did you know that touch is like super-glue? It can bind things together that shouldn't be connected. Like once, I actually superglued all of the fingers on my right hand together. Then it took a few hours to pry them apart. Of course, Mommy wasn't Home (which was good cause she woulda killed me for playing with super-glue - but still... it wasn't a pretty situation.) What did the story have to do with the point? I'm not sure. Aside from the fact that it showed how touch can stick the wrong things together. Of course, it's fun and truth be told, it feels really good - but in the long run, unless the pieces are meant to be stuck together - I cannot understand why people would want to get stuck in predicaments.

Whoa, this post is taking quite an interesting turn. Actually, it is more like I am babbling. Ok, so I AM babbling, but you know what?!?! As I just explained to my desk-mate/older sister I HAVE 2 HOURS left in the office for today and NOTHING TO DO!!!

Have I mentioned that I HATE being bored?

Have I mentioned that I still want to go the the beach?

Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore all things Crayola?

I spent almost three hours last night coloring - I'm gonna need to raid Saba and Savta's house to get some new coloring books. I think I finished off the last of the pages last night.

Should I share with you my biggest 'kvetch' for the day?! People who have their heads on straight. You know, people with their priorities in order - who know what they want and what they don't want. And who want to do the right thing even if it is going to take a long time. (Though, I have a bad feeling that I am one of these people.)

At least, on the bright side - I am in my right mind. I think. But, I think my mind is confused. Because whereas I write with my left hand I can only throw a ball with my right. Ok, so I'm slightly ambidextrous. What mind does that make me in?!

AHA! I've got it!

I'm out of my mind.

That's it. I'm out of here.

Guess I could go file those papers.

Or maybe I'll watch Raizy 'color'

For the record, I like hearts too.

But I don't like it when mine gets broken.

Wow - that was pointed.

But honestly - my heart is just fine. I have my life (for another 100 years anyway) and as a side-point I need to find a new nickname for the moron. (Cause though I call Shosh my Dunce lovingly - somehow, 'moron' just isn't overly friendly. And out of curiousity, are we friends? I'm just a little confused because Thursday night wasn't pretty and we haven't spoken since then - which is really my fault. And, have I mentioned that you have an impeccable sense of timing? And lastly, you can feel special - I haven't been overwhelmed enough to write a poem (even if it was a bad poem) in quite a while.)

Alright, now I am really out of here.

Just an hour and a half left until I can go back to the ranch for the night.

What should I do tonight to entertain myself?

Maybe Shosh will consent to play Boggle.

I certainly hope so...

Have I ever mentioned that I used to love the scent of lavender?...


Chavs said...

oh not sure what to say, but i felt like posting...
miss you!
k, i should go...but i just wanted to post-toodles...
we havnt spoken in a while :( we should fix that!

Lorelai said...


As soon as I have a working computer - you'd better believe we'll shmooze.


I miss you too!!


Chavs said...

Thanks for the post...mim glad you posted!
and the person who it is meant for doesnt read my blog...i just needed to vent and who better to vent to?
Thanks again!

Adina :) said...


I love making that face it just looks soo friendly!

Hi Lori! Hi gang!

the end
buh bye