Monday, May 22, 2006

Wanna Play With My Balls?

Well, that was the quickest זול פה shopping that I've done in a long time. It was also the latest. And I marvel at how much people were buying. Though we did make out like bandits, I mean, we got basically all of the groceries we needed. Ok, so we did need conditioner and we didn't get any (cause it all smelled ucky) and we didn't get bug spray (though we did debate the topic) and we didn't get chalva (because who needs calcium anyway?!) BUT we DID get two brand spanking new spiky balls. One is blue and one is pink and they make a nice pair I think. (Hehe, that rhymed...) Anywho - all of my friends are invited to come and meet them - I might even let you touch them... ;) (No Sammy, I do not allow petting, caressing OR fondling.)

Alright - this is staring to sound sketch and Shosh is connipting as she reads what I've typed over my shoulder.

I'm off to shower. Gotta get that stupid dirt ring off of my ankle sometime - and I don't want to waste time in the morning - so what better time then before going to sleep?! Anyway, Toffee hates it when I try to snuggle with him and I'm all dirty from gallavanting around the city...

*Sigh* hopefully tomorrow will bring better tidings and I will hear from people who seem to have forgotten about me. (Yeah, I know - I shouldn't have sent that stupid message. But, I'm a pathetic paranoid girl so I did - so deal with it!!!) Silly moron. Never mind - I've changed my mind about finding a new name for you. The name fits - though I am sure that there is more underneath... Alas, I suppose I'll never get to find out whether or not my hunch was correct because I never get to see you anyway. Have your fun and just try to remember to call me at some point before you leave the country.

And what I said about slamming the door, don't leave me hanging and though I'd never be able to lock it if it were closed, if a draft comes in - you'd better believe it's going to get shut.

Sis, I really do want to go to the beach with you and the munchkin. But I have prior commitments and priorities. Boy oh boy, sometimes 'life' really does stink. :(


Nootch said...

I'm beginning to think you're the recycled soul of Dr. Seuss, man.
Seriously...I wonder what random people reading this blog think...hehe :-)

'Yo Abba said...

Can I have the translation please?