Friday, May 19, 2006

"You'd Better Shape Up..."

"...Because I need a man, and my heart is set on you..."

You've GOT to love the movie. I mean, it's a classic. Though I must admit, I am always a bit disturbed at the end when they both decide in their own ways to change so as to make the other happy - which though touching - just seems so wrong. I mean, changing attitude is one thing - but turning over and becoming a totally diferent person... I'm not sure whether or not I agree with that. It just feels like going against everything that I believe in. Don't get me wrong, the key to getting along with people in general lies in flexibility. However, being so flexible that you can put your whole belief system aside and 'become' somebody new just to please somebody is still a level beyond my rational understanding.

On a totally different random Friday tangent, I have been itching to have a 'home-grown' water fight. Like the ones we used to have on Oxford Court. I mean, we used to just all grab pots, buckets, water bottles, windex - hey, how'd that get in here?!? and lots of water and totally drench each other, right in the kitchen!! Of course, cleaning up would always take a while because as soon as we pulled out the mop, somebody would always start pouring again... *sigh* The good 'ol days. We probably just stopped because there's no room to really run around here. I mean, we used to go around and around the island in the kitchen and the kitchen table in figure eights. But, there just isn't anywhere to go around here.

Water fights are so much fun. Especially when you get people who aren't expecting it. Of course it's always more fun if you can drench them by surprise and then as they reach for you, you dance away laughing crazily... (Note to self: there is more to this train of thought, but it will NOT be published here - refer to Diary Book #8, page 177, paragraph 4, line 2...)

Shabbos is coming. I'm not sure if anybody is Home this week. I mean, Nush is and me n' Freddie are, Ora probably is too but I don't think Little Brother is going to be around, and Shan is stuck on base... Alas, we shall have to make the best of a lonely situation. Maybe next week more exciting people will be around. At least, I'm hoping they will be. I suppose it's better this way, I can go and visit Saba and Savta tomorrow afternoon. I haven't done that in QUITE a while.

Have a great one everybody!

p.s. - Sassy, why didn't you ever call me?!?! I'm here for you babe. You know where to find me if you need me... (I'll even wear a skirt with pockets today, so that I can have my phone on me for in case you call.)

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