Thursday, June 29, 2006

Adorable Giggles Strike Again...

The movie last night was AMAZING. Woke up this morning and went to the shuk with Mom and the gals then we stopped off at an unmentionables store, where I was informed that from my taste - I'm not quite such an 'Aidel Maidel' as I would have people believe...

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the house for our company.

The BBQ was nice. I went on a walk to the Rose Garden - because I NEEDED to get out of the house.Ummm, yeah - I am realizing that I am quite shallow and stupid. Or am I? I can't help but wish that I could find my Will and escape the Wessexes of the world. Of course, like that story ends tragically - I fear mine will as well.

Thank you everybody - friends and family from around the WORLD for all of your birthday wishes!!!! Every single one meant soooooo much to me.

Little Brother - I'm glad you finally made it... :)

HAHA! I'm 21.

It's official.

Still -

Doesn't mean I need to act it... ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

tevie said...

good food how can i not make it! (oh and there was you guys there as well.. :P)