Monday, June 12, 2006

Breathe Freely and Change...

I wore my new tank-top to sleep last night and it is so darned comfy that I never want to take it off!! As a matter of fact I intend to wear it until it starts to smell - then I guess I'll switch to the black one while it's in the wash. Good thinking on my part to get two... Maybe I should get a few more. Hey, for $5 - why not?

Chilled morning with Lucas and the gang. I love salad - I love veggies and I am officially re-addicted to plums!!! *sigh* summer fruit!!

Sassy came over and we shmoozed. Nootch had a red wine vinegar crisis. Shosh's first stazh was amusing (glad I'm not doing it. yet?)

Work was almost a nightmare until salvation appeared from a most unlikely source. I almost cried - but things just aren't bad enough to warrant tears. What really broke me? Carpet and the post-office. Does that sum things up ambiguously enough without telling the whole story?

Sent a text - got a text. Send an e-mail? no.

Stayed an hour late to help wrap up a project. Boss is going away for a week - it's gonna be quiet... HA! (Yeah right!)

Pep talks and DMCs galore. Why am I a perfectionist? Why am I a realistic idealist? Why am I scared to give things my 'all'? Why do I not know what I want? Why can I not find my niche? Why does nothing call to me? Why do I never feel like I fit in?

I thought I knew who I was.

Was I wrong?

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