Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Futile Existence of the Duck...

Nootch dropped by and dragged me out kicking and screaming to town for a shot of caffiene for breakfast. We then proceeded to wander, shmooze and enjoy. When she left to meet up with Rabbi Wasserman (who seemed to remember me this time) I headed out to Yafo and found a comfy spot to settle down and read till she'd be done. After 45 minutes and giving a bunch of people directions I took a side-trip to the bank to take care of some stuff and then headed to work.

Work. No comment. :)

Walked back to the ranch and stopped off to find 'dinner-stuffs' to feed meself and meroomie. Had an interesting convo with the Meanma regarding bright blue eyes from San Diego (staring at me?) and plans for tomorrow night regarding שבע ברכות out in the Shomron with the cousins, for the cousins.

Waiting for Shosh to get back now then it'll be dinner-time. We DO have to pay va'ad bayit tonight - so, "hihohiho to the freaky neighbor's apartment we go..."

Maybe we'll even play boggle or some other fun game.

Oh yeah, I'm up to the second season. HAHAHA!! What an amusing way to utilize my spare time. The question is - what do I do when I catch up with the present...


Chavs said...

"bright blue eyes from San Diego"

Sammy said...

Hopefully, we stop watching for another few years. Its so stupid and it really messes up ones brain.