Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Girdles, Corsets and Underpants...

Tanya came by this morning and picked up her box. She says she knows my Becca from 'down-under.' Which was nice, cause she said that Becca is a nice sweet girl from what she knows of her and I agree wholeheartedly!!

Made my third trip of the week to the post-office. Well, I suppose it is only Tuesday.

I'm officially in my summer-mode. Short skirts and Naot every day. Heck yeah! Doesn't get muc better when it comes to clothes and comfort. Especially in the scorching temps like we have here.

They put railings in at the front of the building by the little stair. Guess that proves how many old people live in the building. (Now I know where our va'ad bayit money is going. Hmmm, guess we should pay that...)

Some idiot brought a kitten into the building and all the way up to our floor - now it's sitting outside in the hallway and meowing pitiously.

I love ice-cream! (Especially chocolate covered in white chocolate.) YUM!

Alright - gotta go squash the newest squomito before it bites...


da'kender said...

"Doesnt get muc better..." eh, you might want to fix that ;)

becca said...

who's tanya whats her last name???