Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gloop On Their Faces...

Woke up 'early' and went to 'town' with Shosh on a mission to get Sassy a skirt and a birthday present. My ice-pop died and it was quite hot outside. I refused to jaywalk (most of the times...) and succeeded in not getting run over.

Work. No boss - BUT - I didn't actually manage to do the 'non-dachuf' stuff that he left for me anyway. Why did I not have time? Easy, I was doing everyone else's stuff. HAHAHAHAHA! Ahhhh... yeah.

I love it when things happen and you work hard on something and it makes you late and yet you still try your hardest and then 87% of the way through the person for whom you are working so hard tells you to 'forget about it' - It just makes my day. Harumph.

Noshed out and now I feel sick. A friend got a Black & White cookie and she graciously donated it to my 'sugar craving' cause. I polished off the rest of the potato chips and I have managed to imbibe almost an entire bottle of seltzer in about a day.

Might be going shopping in the morning with Mom and Freddie. That would be exciting... hehe, clothing bought with Daddy's money? HAHAHAHAHA!!! What about my weekly coffee-outing with Nootch? We'll have to figure it out.

Just got interesting news about after-work-activities for Thursday.

Can I go in my PJs?

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