Monday, June 05, 2006

Heat Wave From Alabama...

I have officially put 'stazh' for massage on hold until I find the inner strength to 'just do it' and get it over with. I'm not sure how long that is going to take - it all depends on me. As usual.

Nightmarish trip to the post-office. Aside from the half-hour wait - she messed up and charged too much and then had to refund it in cash all the while yelling at me about how we are the only company who doesn't pre-stamp all of our envelopes and things to be mailed.

Left work early. To get to the wedding.

Ah yes, the wedding.

Well, truth be told it was quite a nice affair - though it couldn't decide what flavor it wanted to be. Mixed or Separate? Sfardi or Ashkenaz? BT or Yeshivish? Party/Mosh pit or Heimish? It was pretty confusing.

Of course, I had my parents on my case the whole time telling me to choose one of the Chasson's friends. They're all 'good boys' after all. Yeah, of course - the one that I choose get turned down flat. Harumph.


Well, at least we feasted on eye-candy and had a view to last - well, at least for a few months.

Got a nice b'racha from the Kallah. Well, she IS my cousin (and MY quad) after all. :)

Back on the ranch and I mmust take out my contacts. My eyeballs are telling me that the time is loooong past. Tomorrow is expected to be as normal as possible. Tanya might come by to get her box in the morning, work in the afternoon, back to the ranch for the night.

By the way - it was total 'hashgacha' that I forgot Boggle in the office last night. Thanks to my short-term memory (or lack thereof...) I had some way to amuse myself when the wedding hit major down-time slumps.

Hey, at least I kept myself entertained.

Kinda looking forward to the morning. Praying that I actually sleep tonight.

I'm so tired.

Must peel my eyes.


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