Saturday, June 17, 2006

'Illegal' Cherries & NO Blue Eyes in Sight...

Who doesn't love cherries fresh off the trees?
Though we did have to drive over the Green Line to get there...

Sammy's 'Battle Wound' - isn't it cute?
"The Kids"
"Who's Idea Was This?"
Uh-Oh!! Bernie Fell IN!!! Happy? Indeed.
YUM!! (Or Yuck?)
"Deliriously Happy?" or Dehydrated?
"Hangin' in There..."
"Yo' Abba Enjoys!"
"Puppy in a Basket?"

"Yeah, I still got it...""Me & Freddie - In The Tubey Thingy..."
What's a collage without the Dibble?

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da'kender said...

Is my neck famous now?