Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm Just Fat...

Well, when I got around to waking up this morning it was like I was at Home cause there was my Freddie sleeping in 'her' bed. It was sooo strange. Anywho, we chilled and I did laundry then we went out on an unsuccessful shopping spree and wound up with three new nail-polishes but no books or music or clothes.

Work was quite an affair. I got to go to 2 post-offices.

I walked a fair distance today. My feet are so disgustingly dirty that I wouldn't believe that they were mine if they weren't attached to me. They even have clean(er) strips from where the straps of my sandals lie.

Shosh and I had a special ראש חדש outing to the park. Of course, we took dinner and a sheet and had a great time shmoozing and star-gazing. On the way back to the ranch we bumped into Sassy and her Chosson. Teeheehee, adorable together. What more can I say?

I practiced massage (sorry Shosh. I didn't mean to destroy your 'mood' - really, I didn't.)

And now I MUST go scrub my feet and sleep.

I'm exhausted. But, in a good way.

I think...

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