Sunday, June 18, 2006

It Must Be His Freckles...

What is it that makes a person attractive? Looks? Personality? Charisma?

Plusses - nice smile, pretty eyes and of course don't forget a healthy sprinkling of freckles!!!

Early morning (as Sundays always are.) Missed everybody but saw Malia. Last stazh and now i'm unofficially a reflexologist!!! (Now all I need is to write my paper and get my certificate! YAY!)

At work it was the last 'quiet day' for a while. The boss is coming back and so is my big sis!! We've got lots of catching up to do... ;) get ready and bring some advil cause I'm gonna talk up a storm.

The walk back to The Ranch was uneventful. It's Sunday so it's a 'girls nite' and we're having pizza. I figured we'd need something special to drink, so I stopped off to pick up some wine.

Would you believe the lady carded me?

I'm gonna be 21 in ELEVEN days!


Uh-oh, Rabbi Lauffer is getting on my case? Lol! Truth of the matter is - he might actually be able to help...

But I really DO like freckles. :-/

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da'kender said...

I found the post office hahaha!