Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lick Your Nose...

Chag was nice. Lots of good chalavi food. Stayed up ALL night (I even shteiged - a bit.)
I tagged-along (as usual with) Freddie and went to the Woof's house in Aviv. Tried to have a decent five minute convo with her but were ambushed on the way (though we tried to avoid the meeting.) Ten minutes of almost non-stop chatter (proud of me sis?) and I had basically made up my mind.
(Let me just say - sometimes I do stupid things and sometimes I do REALLY stupid things. This has been one of those REALLY stupid things. I can't believe how much time and effort I wasted on it - why didn't somebody just whack me with a 2x4 and tell me to shut-up?!?! Though - I must admit, it has proven to me once again that just wanting something (even if you want it really really badly) won't make your fairy-tale or your dreams come true. Regardless - I have decided to move on. No reason to hang around places I'm not wanted - I've learned that lesson plenty of times in the past. I suppose I could be a 'Witch' and say - "well, I'm not the one losing out" but that seems smug and conceited somehow. (Even if it is true ;) Right?)
Walked to Aviv to Sheinfeld to Aviv and back Home again. Didn't sleep a wink (well, except for those 10 minutes - but they didn't really count.) Made it to the 'early' minyan at 5:00 and the rest of Chag was quiet. The Lutskys came for lunch - well, those of them that actually leave the house anyway (namely the parents and two youngest kids.)
Shabbos was nice enough. Friday night was quiet. Walked to Aviv and saw the Woof. Lunch was fun, the Yaffas ate over. The rest of the day was spent where I spent most of my free time - in the hammock. Beat Little Brother in Rummikub - TWICE - HAHAHAHA!!!! Then there was the water 'fight'?
Have I mentioned recently how much I love the hammock?
Back to 'life' in a few hours and I am stressing... This week's agenda boasts lots of fun stuff, namely; more stazh, massage class, Raquel's wedding just to name a few.
'Goody' is about the only word that comes to mind.
Harumph to technology. Harumph to life in general. and HARUMPH to stupid people. I am SOOOOOO sick of it all.
And so - to cope - I think I shall escape the only way I know how...


da'kender said...

I did whack you... with a wet noodle, but you must have been sleeping or something not to have felt it. Yippee is another one...

tevie said...

Look at me im going to take over the hammock make it gross and then not let anyone else experience the full joy of lying on the hammock :)