Wednesday, June 21, 2006

...A Misnomer...

Finished Macbeth. I love the ending. It is ever so climatic. Must be where Tolkien originally got his idea of an evil being unvanquishable by "none of woman born." Hehe, little did Macbeth know that Macduff had been "untimely ript" from his mother's womb. Poor sucker. Gory, huh? Well, I kinda liked it.

In other news, technical writing - which somehow doesn't call to me as an enjoyable profession. Lucrative - yes. Enjoyable - no. Then again, I suppose, neither do many things. I still wish I could be in the jungles or out in the wild doing something exciting. 9-5 (or 2-7 as the case may be...) just doesn't suit me well.

Basically - I need a life. I need a direction. I need to do something out of the ordinary.

And no, recreational reading of Shakespeare doesn't count.

Because I said so.

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