Sunday, June 11, 2006

Missing You...

The ONLY way to describe today is 'mundane.'

After three hours of sleep I dragged myself out of bed and dashed for the bus. My second to last stazh was over by 11:00. Shosh and I went shopping - and I found the really cute shoes. Work. Walked back to the ranch stopping along the way to pick up some edible essentials.

I was in Geulah today and I wore a long skirt and sneakers for the first time in two weeks. Silly me. These dirt rings are going to take quite a bit of effort to erase.

There is nothing worthy of mention this week planned for me. It's Daddy's Birthday and Sassy's Birthday and Michalie's Birthday - but nothing special in the works for me.

ME ME ME - hehe, have we heard this before? Well, I haven't done it for a few months - so I think it's about time.

I'm off to jump-rope, stretch with the yoga-mat and watch some more One Tree Hill.

Why do all the people I love go away?

Do I smell funny or something?

1 comment:

Michalie said...

birthday? me?? when?? already?!?!