Sunday, June 04, 2006

"My Life is a Cubicle..."

I wrote a whole long beautiful post about today.

It was quintessential poety - for a blog post anyway.

But, somebody used my computer and blogged from it while I was in the middle of posting (when I got called away to do something else.) When I went to 'Publish' my art to its site an error message appeared and all of my work was lost.

Go figure...

At least I thought I looked cute today.

This seems to be becoming a habit.

Strange indeed.

Wedding tomorrow.


Anybody wanna come and rescue me from the monotony? I'd love to go for pizza and coffee...


Nootch said...

poor damsel in distress :-D

debsy said...

with pleasure!! will tuesday do you?

Lorelai said...


The wedding is Monday nite, how does Tuesday help?

Though, I can def. make time on Tues. :)

Chavs said...

so...funny story. first of all, the "o" isnt working so well. Everytime I look up to see what I have typed, it is missing and I have to go back and fix it.

Second, I was going to tell you that I always hate when you have a post and the computer deletes it, but then, the computer deleted my comment. I thought that was pretty ironic.

Miss you!

debsy said...

chavs that is quite funny!!

Lorers, i didn't think i could make it monday night, but unfortunately doesn't look like i'll be finding a ride to make it for tuesday either, so how about u coming to me? ;-)

Hinda said...

Iced coffee....Date in January?