Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rush, Blush and Crush...

I swept the living room. I got critiqued for my every move. I don't think I'll sweep when Shosh is around anytime in the near future.

Didn't have to go to the post-office today. Why not? Because the person who offered to go had to run some personal errands anyway... So, what better reason to get out of the office for an indeterminate period of time than hide behind the facade of an innocent trip to the post-office.

I am quite thankful to the boss who let me leave early. (Though I HAD finished all of the work that was given to me - and then some...) B"H I caught the 17:30 bus and made it back to Bet Shemesh with no time to spare (and only a little late.) Caught a ride and we headed out to the Preisers in Neve Aliza.

Sheva Brachot for Raquel and Yehoshua!!! YAY!! It was sooooo nice and I am really really gald that I was able to make it. And many thanks to my cuz and her new hubby for all efforts. :) I do appreciate it.

The girls grabbed a ride Home with Saba and Savta. Lots of funny stories and 'quality time' - hey, it HAS been a while.

WHOA! It's 2 in the morning?! And tomorrow is Erev Shabbos?! Boy am I excited!!!

20 days till my 21st...

HAVE A SAFE TRIP SIS!! I'M GONNA MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!! (Heck, I already do!!!) HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU AND THE MUNCHKIN!!! (Hope you washed the legos...) :)

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