Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Steve Jolly...

Woke up early and exhausted.

Went out on a shopping spree with Mommy and Freddie. Daddy, thank you for my new '____'ing clothes. :) Brunch was deeeliciously disgusting. We ate a pie of pizza. Then I went to work. I managed to finish the stuff for my boss and then the other bosses gave me work. Started and finished a big project (all in Hebrew!!) I'm so impressed with myself!!

Back at the Ranch I waited for Sassy and her Abba to arrive. She is moving in for the next little while (a fact about which I am THRILLED!!!) It'll be good to have her nearby - lol! (because Bayit V'gan is waaaaaay too far...)

Eating potato chips and chocolate (again.) I think I should stop noshing and go find something to do. Maybe I'll work on one of my art projects? It's a thought. I have a few that could use a bit of TLC and work.

Tomorrow night is going to be interesting (to say the very least.) I hope I make it through. I'll just be myself. Wacky, insane, down-to-Earth, intelligent, self-assured, confident, comfortable, open, friendly, smiley and all around me. (Not that the description sounded anything like me - but I can put on a pretty good show - when I try.)

Better get plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow is going to be busy...

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debsy said...

That sounds just like you, what r u talking about???

I really enjoyed finally catching up with u - sorry that u did most of the talking - my turn next?