Thursday, July 06, 2006

21, huh?

Well, last night Sas and Shosh treated me to my favoritest kind of evening on the town. A picnic on the grass in the park with the moonlight and a clear sky - of course, don't forget the chinese food (especially the pink sauce) and most importantly - Boggle.

At the office there was (most of?) a cake waiting for me. (It seems I missed the fire-works when the cake was cut and I wasn't even there yet...) But, I did get a chocolate-chip muffin on the side - so truth of the matter was, though I appreciated the cake - all I really needed was the muffin. Thank you to whoever went out and bought it - I really did appreciate it.

Saw my Nuch for a couple of minutes between leaving the office and catching a bus to TM.

At Home, Ora called to invite me to join her family at Club Tzora, for a Shlomo Katz concert. I've never actually been to Club Tzora before, and I must say - though rumor had me slightly sketched, the place is quite cozy.

Truth of the matter is, Ora gave me 3 presents. 1. An excuse to spend time OUT of the house. 2. A great concert (and) 3. Dewey.

What is a Dewey? Well, first of all - the correct question should be: Who is Dewey?

Mebbe I'll post a picture tomorrow. Though, I doubt a camera will do his soft fuzziness justice.

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Sassy Madricha said...

Hehehe, I'm glad you had fun!!

Do I get to meet Dewey tomorrow?

Can't wait to see ya!

Leila tov!!