Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Blender to Lend 'Er

It was one of those rare and special Thursdays that only come around once a month. Savta told us not to come visit so we didn't get to help her make challah but we found other ways to entertain ourselves.

First we went to Office Depot to choose out a new יומן for the coming year then to the nursery to buy some rocks and then we went grocery shopping.

Speaking of nurseries, here are some photos of the Dibble's 'gradiminication' ceremony from גן חרצית just a few short weeks ago. I love the authentic outfits and just look at the smile on his face. Who doesn't love a Dibble now, seriously?!
Dinner was our big meal for the day. We ordered 3 pies and that gave each of us 3 slices each. Don't worry - I ate all 3 of my allowed slices. They were quite deeelicious. We had a squabble though trying to decide which pizza-place to order from. There are two in our neighborhood and we are split on taste-preferences. So we compromised and ordered from the Ramah. HAHAHA!! Brilliant indeed.

Mommy made angel-food cake for dessert - but not many of us made it to that part of the meal.

Tonight's agenda... Not a clue.

But, it's almost Shabbos.

Have a happy hop water day!


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RebJay said...

very cute.. hope u shlepping lots og nachas from this one...