Saturday, July 08, 2006

Borris is NOT a Gecko...

So, it was a BEAUTIFUL Shabbos.

Friday night was quiet after shul and a walk Home, we had the meal - which was relaxed and of course Dibble provided 'live' entertainment (at least, he did until he announced that he was going to sleep.) In honor of our special guest Daddy dragged out a bottle of Merlot from the cellar and it had mellowed and aged quite nicely. So, we polished off the bottle. For dessert there was that wicked 'warm chocolate cake' and Mommy even experimented and made a 'warm white chocolate cake' specially for me. We washed that course down with a few shots of home-made cherry liquor. :) At this point we were QUITE happy. :) Then Sara came to visit. We went out to sit in the circle and eventually we walked her part of the way home.

Shabbos day. Well, after shul with 'Ron' and all the other strange happenings it was nice to get Home. The meal was quick and I take all of the credit for it. After shmoozing and eating a lot (cause we are starting our diet tomorrow...) we slept for a few hours. I played scrabble with Mommy and Rosie - whoops! I mean, Freddie. No wait! I mean Sammy. Ugh, whatever she wants to be called. Right Becky?! AAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Then we threw on clothes and headed out to find Ora and to Saba and Savta's house. We had fun there - as we always do. Then after Shabbos Saba drove us back Home.

Plans for tonight remain fuzzy. I would eat lots and lots of ice cream - after all, this diet is gonna be quite annoying - but - I dunno. Somehow, it doesn't seem like such a good idea.

It's going to be a laaaaaate night. That is about all I know for certain.

Conclusion - fat and ugly and mostly unwanted.

Hehe, do you really think she'd have me put to sleep?

And I DO blame it all on Mrs. Duckman sneezing -


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RJ said...

Boy do i miss u POLLY!!!
Sounds like u had a weekend full of alcohol.... love ya me