Wednesday, July 19, 2006

But I Wanted to Marry a Seahorse...

Dear Blog-readers,

Today's adventure was kinda pathetic. I mean, it was semi-successful but 'semi' is not enough.

Woke up and went to get a general health practitioner to stamp my Tofes Yarok. Tracked down an eye doc and had him do the same. Fought with the annoying lady in the Misrad Harishui. Hopped on a bus back to Jeru and made it to the office right on time.

Packed, Shlepped, Packed, Taped, Packed, Answered phones, Packed, Shlepped.

Back at the Ranch, Sas and I got ready to meet Shosh at the pool.

Swimming was wonderful. Sadly, the pool is always VERY crowded - but it's ok, as I've said before - just being in the pool is enough. Though, I did over-tense my right gastrocnimius (which was quite annoying. Especially because I was mid-race and heading into deep water...) Anywho, I worked out the knot and by the time swimming was over I was almost as good as new.

In the locker-room my phone had 9 missed calls and 3 text messages. (I'm thinking I should go swimming more often.)

Lots of fun and exciting information. *Sigh*

Guess we'll see.

Tomorrow is going to be even crazier than today.

First stop - Talpiot - Misrad Harishui.

Wish me lots and lots of luck.

I'm just gonna cry.


Hinda said...

I love yarok!

I miss you, motek!

Check it out! I'm bilinual!

Chavs said...


da'kender said...

It worked! It worked!

Lies! Its all lies! hehehe! I lied to and it solved my problem :)

It a little white lie, so its ok though...


ooh ooh ooh! ooh ooh ooh!

debsy said...

why in particular a seahorse??

~{~~@ said...

you didnt even mention me
(~the munchkin)
Thank you for letting me dlobber up your precious one