Saturday, July 01, 2006

Electrocute the Cat With Exposable Cups...

Friday night - Spent quality time with Shani, walked to - through and back from the rose garden, shmoozed and slept.

Shabbos Day - Well, the cat waking me up for shul was probably the most interetsing part of my day. Lunch was a boring affair followed by 'dessert' which was quite novel. More Shani-time (though I made her sad, which I do feel bad about.) Looooong nap. Salad and Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Now it's Motz"ash and I'm not sure what is going on. I've been invited to go to Jerusalem but if I do that I'll just stay in the city for the week. (Both good and bad.) But, there is something I need to do in Bet Shemesh in the morning (if Daddy will take me.) Now the question is - what to do... And NO - going into Jeru and then Home and then back into the city in the morning is NOT an option. Mostly because I don't have enough punches on my Kartisiya and no cash on me to speak of...

I'll figure it out.

Shavua Tov everybody!!!

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