Friday, July 07, 2006

Hughey - Luis AND...


Dewey and Drumna get along just splendidly! Aren't they precious?

Shabbos is going to be GREAT! Sassy is coming and we're going to walk to Saba and Savta's tomorrow and Ora is coming too. I am so excited!!! This is going to be SOOOO much fun!!

New family moved in 4 doors down. They have a 17 yr old girl and a 21 yr old girl. The catch?? The 21 yr old is married with a baby and lives in Yad Binyamin. *Sigh* and we were THAT close! Oh well... Doesn't matter - we'll just have to welcome the 17 yr old I suppose. Chaval they're not Home for Shabbos.

And on Sunday me n Sas start our diet. HAAAAAAA!!! (Ice pop diet that is!!!) ;)


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Your Dunce said...

Hey, they sure are cute.
Am I invited in on this diet...or not allowed to be included in this one- wtvr i'm never around anyhow.... have a great shabbos- hope u 2 enjoy. Love, me