Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Lazy morning flew right by as I put the finishing touches on my photoblog. Walked to work and picked up grapes on the way. Work was amusing as I made more art and discussed aquariums and graphics. On the walk back to The Ranch I made some new friends. They are visiting from East Brunswick, and they needed help getting to the Crowne Plaza. Since I was heading that way, and we were all on foot, we walked together. It was funny to be shmoozing with people who actually had a clue about where in New Jersey I came from.

By the time 7:30 rolled around I had organized an evening of fun. It's been a really long time but I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for some 'Father Daughter - Bonding Time' - (and by daughter, I mean daughters...) Anywho, it was discussed and after negotiation and brainstorming it was decided to make it a 'Father and 3 Oldest Kids - Bonding Night.'

Anywho, at a little after 8 Daddy, Eli and Freddie showed up at the ranch. We headed out to 'town' to pick up some frozen-yogurt and pizza for dinner. In the process we managed to say hi to Etana, apply for yet another a credit card, go to the bank and fling sprinkles all over the midr'chov - all the while managing to avoid being trampled by the summer tourists. We then made our way back to the car and down to Talpiot, to the Rav Chen theater for the 21:55 showing of 'Cars' - you know, that new animated film about the famous race car who winds up in Hicktown Hell?! Well, it was GREAT and I highly recommend it!

Now I'm back at the ranch once again. Freddie/Rosie is sleeping over and we're having a party in preparation for the fast (which is starting in a few short hours...)

Speaking of which - I need a drink.

"Lots and lots of water..."

"Fill my trailer with water..."

Easy Fast Everybody...

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Chavs said...

Have a good, easy and meaningful fast!!