Monday, July 03, 2006

"Miguel, It's Not Working..."

"I have no other but a woman's reason: I think him so, because I think him so."
--From The Two Gentlemen of Verona (I, ii, 23-24)

Today was a 'bubble' day. Where fun stuff is happening and you're actually a part of it - but it seems so distant and surreal that you almost can't believe that you are a part of it.

After a lazy morning, I went out for brunch in town with my Nootch and on the way we saw people we knew and in town we saw people we knew and leaving we met even more people that we knew. It felt funny to actually be a sociable person.

Work was amusing. The intern started today. She seems quiet, shy and nervous. Well, we'll break her out of that shell in due time - though, she's not really going to be around for very long.

After work I met up with Sas and Malia. They were in a g'mach and Sas was trying on wedding gowns. We found one that is really quite stunning. After putting it on 'hold' we headed off to do some quick errands that turned into quite a night on the town. It started with me wanting ice-cream. So, in deference to our 'diets' we decided on frozen yogurt (extra sprinkles :) of course...) Of course, fro-yo just isn't substantial enough to call dinner - so I suggested pizza. I was overruled however, a 900 calorie slice of pizza is just not worth it when you could have an equally satisfying 500 calorie bagel. Yeah, so we got bagels. Notice we had the dessert first. Why? Because, Life is short.

Walked back to the ranch and stopped to watch some fireworks along the way.

Big plans in the works. I'm so excited for vacation!

I intend to get back to the beach.

Anybody wanna join?


elenitsa! said...

coming from greece i dont have a clue how life at your country is

you seem to be a great person that takes advantage of your countries givings

keep up the good work

~{~~@ said...

did i ever tell u how much i love the beach?

Sassy Madricha said...

Beach... sounds tempting!!!

Want company...