Monday, July 17, 2006

PaCk AnImAl / ErRaNd GiRl...

Rabbi S. called my phone back, because we tried to call him to ask him a question last night. I gave him all of the details I had, but it wasn't much. I'll have to get back to him. At least we pieced together two random pieces of information and hunches were correct. We are indeed talking about one person. "Go finger" as Brenda and Michalie would say.

At the office, first I went down to the post-office. After yesterday's show, I was worried about the chilly reception that was in store for me, but thankfully they realized that it wasn't my fault. Though I did still have over 60 stamps to 'stick' onto envelopes.

Then I went on an errand to the printing store. Then there were problems. Then I went back to the office. Then I went back to the prining store. The second time went smoothly. I wish it had taken longer. Back in the office 'packing' was in 'full swing' (?) Basically, I have a funny feeling that I am going to be the one to pack everything (except for what N is supposed to be packing), the one to finish filing the papers, the one to finish filing the newspapers, the one to drag out the garbage and basically - the one doing all of the dirty work and at the end of the day - I won't even get recognition for it. (And YES - I WOULD like some recognition for this. It's NOT an easy job. AND I'm still expected to do my 'regular job' at the SAME time. So, you know what? I think I have every right to be annoyed.)

After work as I sauntered back to the ranch to get ready to go swimming I bumped into the Miskins. Asked Avigdor about the same thing I asked Rabbi S. about - but basically, consensus shows that more information is required before any help can be forthcoming.

About swimming, so Sas found out that there is separate womens swim at the Crown Plaza Hotel on Monday and Wednesday nights. A seven minute walk and two hours in the water, who could ask for more? Granted, it was crowded, but just being in a pool was a great feeling. And, we even did a few laps... ;) Right?

I'm so hungry now. I wish mine Freddie was here to make me a salad. But, even if she was, we don't have any bulgarian anyway - so it wouldn't be SO yummy.

Yeah, so I stopped at the shuk today and loaded up on sorely needed veggies. 32 shekel and a backpack full of veggies later - I really felt like an ass. Why? Well, I can't write it here. But trust me, I did and still do.


Life is life is life is life - it's the ride and not just the destination that we have to focus on.

I wish it was a little bit easier though.

Oh, how I wish it were easier...


yo' meanma said...

your Freddie n Brenda n I went a swimming too :)

can't beat a few laps in the pool when the weather is like this.

We are working on the issue at hand, so just smile and enjoy the ride (at least you don't get motion sickness... or do you?)

debsy said...

Trust me, wwe all wish it was easier!!! But if it was any easier, then we wouldn't learn anything from the experience of the journey - and whats the point of a whole long ride if you totally forget the ride as soon as you get to the end?

Chavs said...

k, i was going to say what Deborah said, and I would feel kinda funny writting the same thing, so if you can just read Deborah's again!

Miss you like crazy!