Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Puzzled Look on her Face...

Well, last nights adventure ended with Emerald Reisling, chocolate milk and cornflakes - somewhere in the vicinity of 3:00.

Upon waking this morning I promptly 'ditched' Shosh and headed out to meet up with my Nootch for brunch and a shopping spree. Brunch was good as we contributed to the RSPCA and shopping - though fun - was highly unsuccessful.

At work I went to the post office - twice - cause once was with the mail and once was with the mailing. I reorganized the signs and little 'inspirational'(?) post-it notes and I got to shred lots and lots of papers but first I got to demolish spiral bound little books. With all of the garbage I amused myself for a goodly span of time as I constructed 'Friedrick' - who now resides behind the computer screen and eats whatever dust-bunnies he can catch...

On the way back to the ranch I stopped off to pick up the pretzel rings that I had been craving since Sunday.


Life drags me along and keeps me an unwilling hostage.

Free me from this bondage!


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debsy said...

Just to tell u i luv u