Saturday, July 29, 2006

Something About Chumus & Rubber Cement...

I'm only blogging because I promised 'Little Brother' that I would.

For my birthday Little Brother got me a cute little keychain with a cute little duck on it. I named him Duckie. Just wanted everyone to know that I now own a keychain with a duck named Duckie attached to it. And yes, he is very cute.

Shabbos was basically boring. It was Freddie's "Real" birthday - so we had some cake, some jello and some reserve wine.

Went to Saba and Savta's and enjoyed our time there. After Shabbos we watched the news and pretended to help unpack boxes. Actually, we did unpack boxes in an atempt to find things to send to children who have been chased from of their homes in the north by the 'war.'

All in all - it was and we are.

Thank you and have a nice week.

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