Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Squiggly Thingamajigs Indeed...

Lazy morning with Sas. Didn't do much of anything in particular. See Little Brother - I know how to make 'to-do' lists too.

Lots of fun at work today. Talk about 'turning ground' - well, I certainly am getting good at it. But, I did get to go on an errand and I even got to go to the post-office twice.

On the way back to the Ranch I decided that since the sun was going down and that makes it officially my hebrew birthday - I deserved some special dose of sugar and I figured, DUH! meringues ALL the way. One of each color. Though, I've got to admit - I'm not such of fan of the 'banana' ones and though I don't mind the 'strawberry' ones the plain-old white ones are still the yummiest in my book.

I can't believe it's already Wednesday.

Where has the week gone?

And now that I said that - will tomorrow be reaaaallllly long just to spite me?


Rebjay said...

it's your hebrew b'day??!!
ok...well then it's your turn to have a l'chaim for me!! ;)
love ya
Happy Birthday my dearest friend...

Chavs said...

YOM HULEDET! I want a bracha... Hope you have a great one!!!