Sunday, July 16, 2006

Toronto - huh?


Alright alright - no comment.

Spent the morning in town with Mumsy and Freddie/Rosie Dearest. Brunch at yesteryear and then to work. Boy am I screwed when it comes to vacay days. Oh, you only get 10?! (Shoot.)

Sooooo sleepy. Getting into bed at 4 am in NOT recommended - especially when waking up is considered to be an integral part of your next morning's schedule. (*sigh*)

Post offices suck. Big time. Though, honestly - I don't think that this one is their fault. I mean, usually it is - but there's nothing they coulda done about this one.

AND to top it all off - I messed up the chart. Damn technical specifications. Ugh. Newspapers are ridiculous. Whoops. Badmouthing my place of employment? Ummm, no - not really. For some odd reason I actually enjoy slaving, I mean working there. I just stated that newspapers are about as pain in the bum as post-offices.

Of course, post-offices could probably be likened to...

Never mind. I'm going to stop there.

Back to laughing now.

Blue eyes?





~{~~@ said...

I feel like I never se eyou anymore. I mean I know I do, but... you know!

anyways- miss you and it'll be nuts to really not see you for three weeks!!!

I hope you majorly party!

bye for now

da'kender said...

ummm... the only thing I can say to that is "Wow!What a scary pidgeon!"