Thursday, August 31, 2006

Duckie Likes Fuzzballs...

It's the last Thursday of the month so I was Home today. I woke up late and went to Mercaz with Mom, Dad, Ezri and Avi. We sat in Misrad Hapnim for over an hour to get the boys their Israeli passports. By the time we had finished all the stores were closed for 'siesta' so we headed out to Chalav U'Dvash for some lunch. Nothing beats pizza and orange soda for lunch in the summer.

Back at Home I pinned he material for the skirt that is being made for Sassy's wedding. Then I cut it all out. Now we just need to get a zipper and the right color thread. Maybe tomorrow morning. If not, there goes the skirt.

Nothing going on tonight. Sammy has work tomorrow so she won't be Home until right before Shabbos.

Before summer ends I'd really love to get some more beach time...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


At 4 this morning a mosquito buzzing in my ear woke me up. At a little after 5 Shosh got back to the ranch so we had some quality time. Then Debs woke up and came in to join us. As my watch beeped 6 Shosh and I polished off the rest of a big bag of Skittles. It's soooooo good to have her back!!!! Welcome Home my Dunce!!!

At work, Feige's replacement was in for 'training' - so I tried to be a happy sociable me. I honestly never realized how much I do in the office. Doing the stupid little things for everyone really helps keep the office running. Not that I only do stupid little things, I do proposals and take dication from everyone and stay late to chase after ads too. And though I DO ask lots of questions it's only because I'd rather be sure that I'm doing the job right than make a mistake - because as we know - mistakes are intolerable and seamless perfection is key.

Damn, I do HATE being a perfectionist, but it is simply a part of me.

Caught the 7:45 bus cause I missed the other two thanks to idiots and time-differences.

Now I'm Home. Freddie is away at Sheirut, so it's just me all alone in our room. It's quite sad actually.

I think tomorrow I will clean up some of my stuff. It really does need to be done and this is my one day of the month free.

Maybe a friend will come over and help me?

Well, it would be nice...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"They built a new street in the last hour..."

DEBORAH CAME THIS MORNING and let me tell you - that was a really really really good way to wake up. :)

Lounged around and put up onion soup for dinner. Went to work. Even though the phones rang off the hook, everybody was in a generally good-cheer. On the way back to the ranch I stopped off to pick up a present for my Freddie.

Dinner is going to be a party. As soon as Debs and Sammy get here we're gonna eat, shmooze and have lots and lots of fun!!!

Riddle me this - how funny... Never mind, I won't boss bash tonight. :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Objective Reality...

So I went out to run an errand and bumped into Nootch. We made a quick detour back to the ranch so I could pick up my things and then headed straight to town. Ne'eman for breakfast followed by an hour of bliss in the bookstore. I think that it's becoming my new hide-out spot.

Work. Well, I was advised of many things. It's great to have people to talk things over with. And no, for the record - I don't like earrings or noserings - please. Also, I am very good at getting things done BUT I need all of the pertinent information before attempting to complete them.

On the way back to the ranch I picked up some veggies for dinner.

Deborah is coming in the morning!

Very exciting if I do say so meself.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Is This Home?"

Happy Birthday Brendaloo!!!

Woke up early to catch a ride into the city with Mommy. At the Ranch I 'unpacked' then headed out to town with Nootch to meet up with Freddie. Freddie needed white shoes for sheirut and she decided to get white crocs (without holes.) We said 'hi' to cousin Chaim (a few times) and then we met up with Mommy and went to our favorite spot for some breakfast. After that we 'clothing shopped' and eventually wound up in my new favorite place in the city.

Can you imagine a used-bookstore that seemingly never ends? You walk in and go downstairs and then follow all the way back and back and through and through and it just goes on and on. Plus, the whole place smells like old books. So anyway, we each chose a book and curled up in the big comfy chairs and couches and read. I'm telling you, I could've stayed there all day. However, work is work and I had to go to work. Nothing exciting happened (as usual.)

Today it hit me, summer is over. I'm not sure where it went. I don't feel like I've accomplished anything or become a better person. On an even more serious note - Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are coming up - I'm not even sure where to begin.

The Seminary girls and Yeshiva boys are coming back and the days are growing shorter whilst the nights grow colder. Soon winter will be upon us.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Shnitzel-feet?" Says Michalie...

Shabbos was nice. Colorful description, I know. Friday night we refused to leave the house, so we stayed Home and let everyone come to us. We saw Shani (and 'chilled') and played Uno (and I won.) Then Fischerette came to visit, so that was fun - till they left to party at the Zwebners. Shabbos morning was hard - I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. But, I made it to Shul only 15 minutes late. Once again we decided not to leave the house. The Woof came to visit and so did Little Brother. (He still owes me a game of Rummikub. Mebbe later?) I did leave the house to go visit Ora. We shmoozed and shteiged, which was really nice, cause it's been a LOOOOONG while since we caught up on each other's lives.

As promised, here are some pictures from yesterday's trip to the beach. We wound up going to Netanya because according to rumor the beaches down in Ashdod were closed due to "contamination?!" It was lots of fun anyway. Nootch came and so did Michalie and Raizi!

"Slumbers" (my?) Brenda's bear came along too and he enjoyed.Ezri dug a hole (with Brenda and Michalie's help) whilst the Dibble conquered his fear of the ocean.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the beach?Shabbos is over now and we're BBQing cause Little Brother is here and we're making him his promised shish-kabobs. Nootch, Michalie and the Woof are still here, so we're having a party.
Gotta go make some 'chips' - It's so nice to have fun.
Shavua Tov everybody!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Tiny Fish Biting Tel Aviv Bathers..."

Well ladies and gents (not that I know any guys... but if there are any reading this, I guess I put it in just for you.)

We're supposed to be going to the beach right about now - but as usual; someone is still eating breakfast, the cats need to be petted, the sandwiches aren't made, the dishwasher hasn't been loaded and a zillion other ridiculous things. But, at least the tablecloths are ironed - no credit to me for that though. I make it a rule NEVER to do ANYTHING useful around the house. No I can't pick up the phone, No I can't check the clothes in the dryer, No I can't get PJs for Avi Chai, No I can't clear the table!!

So far this morning:

I got one of the funniest e-mails of the summer. The 'kicker' line was "ha! ha! ha! well there is no "US" so i think you have nothing to worry about."

I went to the grocery store and refused to bowl over the old man with the shopping cart and I declined the offer to yell at the obnoxiously smelly woman who 'cut ahead' of us on the check-out line.

On the bright side, I DID get to take the car to Nofei Aviv to pick up Raizi - and that was fun. Not to mention, my Nootch (Nuch) is here, and we're having a good time.

Our bedroom smells like popcorn because I got Brenda a present, but I needed to hide it until Shabbos. I also got a Black and White cake for her, and I'm not sure when we're going to eat it.

Little Brother will be here for Shabbos which is exciting, and I think I will get the chance to redeem myself in Rummikub. Shani is Home and I think that if we don't kill each other trying to get to the beach that this could prove to be one of the most exciting Shabbatot of the summer of '06.

Pictures forthcoming...

If we ever leave.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Been called lots of things in my life but never “James.”

Dear Stuart,

I am (Name withheld to protect the innocent...)'s secretary,

a bit on the delusional side today.....
So sorry for my mistake.............

Yours Sincerely,
(See above Parenthesis.)

Went to Geulah to pick up some surprises for my Brendaloo - whom I love sooooooo much!!! No, really - I do!!!

Filing - HAHAHAHAHA!!! Don't worry Ray, I'm Snapping...

Bus ride Home was uneventful. Walked Home with Mr. Becker and we shmoozed a bit.

Dinner was novel followed by my catastrophe of the evening (I hope.) It involved Syrup Anavim and my Laptop's keyboard. Yep, this one was ALL my fault.

I hope this isn't an indicator of the way Shabbos is going to be.

Cause so far I've got three people mad at me and my '0' key is broken off.

Nope, this doesn't look promising.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hurk? What is Hurk?

Nothing much to report. Ran into some Miskins on the way to work. They are soooo adorable!!! And Rebecca came in today for a quick week long visit - cause rugby is starting again soon.

Filing wouldn't be so bad if I could do it straight through and listen to my own music blasting without the annoying interruptions of phones ringing and dictations and e-mails and fax-jams etc.

On the way back to the ranch I stopped off to pick up stuff for a rosh chodesh outing. Then Malia and I went out to Gan Sakher for a picnic under the stars.

Nootch and I e-card sparred and then I spread the word around.

All in all - quite an entertaining evening.

Anybody interested in a full-time position as an executive assistant/secretary/pa? There are a coupla' openings at my office. Basic necessary qualities that any applicant must posess: ability to block out noise, tolerance for screaming, high level of 'smile and nod'ability, patience to perform ridiculous tasks - multiple times. Should be able to type in Hebrew and English and should be at least bi-lingual (Hebrew and English.)

What else?

Oh yes - must be willing to work for peanuts. :P

What is paying rent?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Death to the Files...

I think a career change may be in order.

At least I had a yummy supper. Thanks Malia!

My family went to Tzfat today and I was stuck at work.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Knots & Abrasions...

Sometimes life is just Peaches & Cream. It would be nice, but I don't like peaches and cream is just too fattening to be worthwhile.

Late morning (as usual) followed by a mad dash to work (and I still got there early.) Mostly filed and found out that my coworker who keeps me company from 3-6:30 (and who I usually turn to for help with filing) is moving on to better things in a short week and a bit. I am in soooo much trouble. It's not even amusing to contemplate the consequences and mayhem that will ensue upon her departure.

Walked back to the ranch stopping along the way for a felafel. I figured I at least deserved something good today.

Then had an evening on the town - twice.

And Dum is coming in 2 short weeks!
And she's bringing me presents!
I am so utterly ecstatic!

More tomorrow.
As life goes on.
I'd assume.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hairs Cut...

Interesting morning. Yelled at the lady at Meuchedet, woke up, packed, caught a crowded bus. The bus took over an hour. Why? How? Not a clue.

Work was relatively quiet. I did what was given to me and then I filed. And filed. And filed. And filed...

Walked back to the ranch stopping along the way for a few groceries. (Namely, chocolate. What?! It's a vegetable.)

Played 2 games with Sammy and won them both. :) See, it's all about the points.

Little Brother started medic school today.

Amalia is giving me a haircut. I can do this (or at least that is what I keep telling myself.) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Almost 4 inches!?!?!




Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Common Loon...

Friday night was nice enough I suppose. Shul was very lively and I said hi to lots of people and got ditched by the tall ones for Baldie (as usual.) After the meal Freddie, Libby (our guest) and Little Brother walked out to Aviv. It would've been nice except for the fact that nobody was actually there. So Little Brother went to Yael's house and when Freddie went in to drag him out I was left in the street entertaining Libby and Dan. *Sigh* At least I amused myself. Back at Home I shmoozed with Mommy and then after unbolting the door for Brenda, I went to sleep.

Woke up on time (enough) for Shul. After shul the meal was novel, we excavated through the chumus and ate pineapple kugel. Then we went upstairs to sleep. 'Sleeping Beauty' joined us a few moments later, so we pulled out the third bed and went to sleep. Well, sort of. Then there was an interesting game of Apples to Apples followed by sleep time #2. Eventually we got hungry and tired of sitting around, so we went downstairs to find some food and entertainment.

I finally got my game of Rummikub. And do you know what happened???

Little Brother kicked my @$$!!! (Happy now? *Sigh* I'm wearing my losing face now. I feel so awful. Before the game I felt so excited, I thought I would win for sure. During the game I really wanted to win. After the game - I was sooooooo sad.) :P

Shabbos was over before the end of the second game (which I didn't win either.)

Then I got to show off adorable pictures of the Dibble and of my scrumptious nephew!!!

The tall ones invited me to join them on a trip into Jerusalem. I declined the offer. We're gonna watch a movie instead.

A new week is here. I wonder what it holds in store for me...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Uuuuhhhh, Chew...

Brenda - Update your BLOG you silly monkey!!!
Freddie - Can-a-sta. I won! HAHAHAHAH!!!
Little Brother - Nuuuu, tell me a story! (Get ready to lose? Are you crazy?!)
Dibble - You are sooooo cute!!!

The art of eating a sandwich cookie:
1. You must have 2 cookies.
2. Open them up.
3. Eat the two sides with less filling.
4. Squash the two remaining sides together.
5. Lick off whatever oozed out.
6. Eat the cookie. (Now double stuffed.)

Optional - drown the new double stuffed cookie in milk and eat the cookie part off leaving just the filling. Ingest at your leisure.

Have a great Shabbos everybody!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't Give Me the Map...

Met up with Mommy and Eli in town. We headed to our favorite place for breakfast. Vanilla milkshakes are so yummy.

Work was a pain. We had to rebuild the whole newpaper file, cause it was in the wrong order. Then I had to file all the newspapers while doing a whole bunch of other things. Somehow running around barefoot made me feel just a little better. All I can say is, poor UPS guy, we're awful to him.

At TM I saw the Woof. She's not having a good time at her Sheirut semanarion. :( But, luckily I had my phone and she got her shichrur for shabbos.

What can I say about tonight? Well, it was quiet, cause the boys all went swimming. So, I decided to put my newly-learned skills to use and teach Sammy how to play canasta.

Cards hate me, but with a little bit of help I'm learning strategy.

Slowly. Right?

And the truth of the matter is, I would like to visit Alaska. You know, the state. :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"It's still alive, let's feed it!" -Shui

Woke up earlier than I wanted to. Did the chores that Shosh isn't here to do.

Work was work was work was work. At least I basically made it through the 'to-do' pile today.

Happy news for today, Little Brother is going to become a medic! They're sending him to study and become a medic! We're so proud of and excited for you!!! Even better, guess, who is going to be in Bet Shemesh for Shabbos?! You got it - Little Brother! YAY! (So... Are we going to play rummikub?)

I left work 15 minutes early and walked over to Emek Refaim where the WHOLE Polly/Preiser/Admon/Rubin Family had reservations at Norman's on the occasion of the One Year Anniversary of Saba & Savta's Aliya!!!

All 16 grandkids (and significant others - does that make it 17 'official' grandkids?), Saba & Savta, Mommy & Daddy and Aunt Sharon & Uncle Uriel - (24 people in all) and we laughed and shmoozed and joked and basically basked in the beauty of being together as a family and enjoying ourselves in Jerusalem on a beautiful summer night.

Like I said to Sammy, "If a third of these kids didn't exist and we were half our age, it would be like we were just here on vacation."

With a smile she replied, "Isn't that what this is?"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Geeks, Nerds, Morons...

Lazy morning. Talked to Freddie and read. Heard from Little Brother - that was a highlight of my day. Work was insane and hectic - lots to do and not enough time. Headache bothering me - and when I say bothering I mean practically blinding. Met up with Nootch and we went for coffee and on a quick shopping spree then back to my place for some shmoozing and gossiping.

Now it's night (again) and I am once again attempting to learn the strategy behind canasta.

Plain and simple - Arg.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Noseworthy Tour Groups...

Woke up early cause Freddie had an early driving lesson. My horoscope said that I would come in contact with many people that I know but don't usually spend time with - that came true. Deb and Shani drove past me 3 times while I was waiting for the bus, I saw the Rebbetzin Kurtz and one of her daughters on the way to work, I met Sharon Goodman on the bus and we shmoozed and studied some Pirkei Avot.

Work was successful enough. I managed not to rage at the Head Boss - though he deserved it royally. (Like an old woman on a bad day.)

Went swimming with Amalia - probably for one of the last times.

Made vegetable soup and took a HOT shower.

Started learning how to play Canasta.

Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ungrateful Employers...

I had an early morning. It was 'back to work' day and I did them a favor and went in early. When I say early I mean, I was on a bus out of Bet Shemesh before 9 in the morning so that I could make it to the office by 10.

There was general chaos as we moved into the newly renovated office. All I can say is that the secretaries seem to have lucked out big time while the bosses were shoved into broom closets. (Not that I'm complaining, but even I who only took arcitecture for 1 year probably could have drawn up better plans for the space.) Seeing as I got there at 10 I left at 3. Well, it's not like they were going to pay me over-time and I had other more important things to be doing.

Back at Home the third session of the baking chug was wrapping up. After the girls had left the 'after-party' began and Sammy, Brenda and Michalie made some cookies for our brave chayalim. I was waiting for our special guests to arrive. Tova and Rabbi C. came in from Manalapan for a one week visit. Sadly, we didn't get to spend much time with them, but they agreed to a quick visit. Bet Shemesh is 'on the way' to the airport anyway, so they stopped by for dinner and all I can say is, it was REALLY nice to see them. In addition, it was like a whole reunion because Saba and Savta came and so did the Abraham Family (all the way from RBS!!)
Now they are on their way back to New Jersey... What a whirlwind trip. I hope they come back and visit again real soon. (Feel free to bring some of our siblings next time too...) :)

As for me and tonight - well, not much going on. I think I'll go join Sammy and Raizi - they're watching 'Little Women' - I'll just have to find some tissues before I go in.

Everytime they sprinkle the flower petals on the dolls after Beth dies, I just lose it.

I know, I'm pathetic. Tell me something I don't know.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Shabbos was nice. A bit nerve-wracking due to some last minute news regarding friends getting sent up to the front lines of battle - but aside from the worrying, we tried to be as happy as possible.

Friday night was nice. The meal was quiet and then Sammy, Shani and I walked out to Nofei Aviv to pick up Raizi and see the Woof. The Woof was nowhere to be found, so we walked back to our side of town.

Shabbos morning we had a rude awakening... Yes, these newfangled phones are a pain. The alarms ring even if the phone is OFF! Sheesh. Anywho, we were woken at 6 and I somehow still got to Shul late. Go figure.

After Shul I walked Home with a friend, just to make sure that everything was ok with them. (They had seemed a bit pensive and withdrawn.) But turns out they were just being moody for no known reason in particular (or one that they didn't want to share in any case.) At Home I dragged Mommy out of the house and we headed over to Ta'ashur to the Greens new house for a quick kiddush. Lunch was late, but I did get my apple pie. We then slept for a few hours and then headed out to Saba and Savta's house.

Back at Home, we played with Polly Pockets, 'Polly' Dolls and we are now onto bigger and better things, namely, bathing our Barbies. They've been sitting in a box in the basement and are sorely in need of baths and some TLC.

I love being a girl, I love my dolls and my stuffed animals, I love Dr. Suess and I love coloring books!

This is going to be quite a week. Back to 'real life' tomorrow.

Shavuah Tov everyone!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Slept on the hammock last night. It was wonderful. Sadly, our hammock is meeting its end as the strings begin to pop.

Went grocery shopping with Mom and Dad. It was quite the experience.

Checked through a bag of rice and it made me soooo sleepy.

I guess it's a good thing that Shabbos is almost here.

Hopefully we'll visit Saba & Savta tomorrow.

Aside from that, a quiet Shabbos.

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fixative Superlative...

Well, Freddie - though delayed - neglected to wake me up to go up to Jerusalem. I (of course) was uninterested in traveling by bus so decided to spend (yet another) day at Home. First Mommy and I washed the mirpeset. Then the Dibble showed up, so we washed him too.While the Dibble amused himself, I tended to the Tie-Dyed articles from yesterday's adventure. Sadly, upon touching the garments I realized that the 'dye-makers' had not followed the instructions. No fixative had been added to the dyes and so as the fabric dried, the powder dried as well and started to float away in the breeze. I decided to see how bad the situation actually was by attempting a 'wash' - suffice it to say, pastels are pretty - but I kind of liked the bold colors of yesterday...Obviously I had to do something stupid in the course of this 'fix-it' project. The mistake turned out to be amusing for the sake of comparison. I simply missed one sock. I somehow neglected it all the way at the bottom of the laundry basket. But now you can see the difference in colors. (Sorry Freddie - it's one of yours...) I relaxed in my favorite spot and enjoyed the quiet, the smell of the herbs and the sunshine.

We made thin chewy chocolate chip cookies (for the ice cream sandwiches.) We made a delicious smelling apple pie for Shabbos. We made some yummy tomato sauce concoction for dinner. And had fun in the kitchen. As usual.

Highlight of my day - My friend Cheli Beli from ALLLLL the way in Australia called me and to make it even more exciting, Becca was there too! I miss you soooo much Becca!!!

If anything else amusing happens tonight I'll let you know, but it looks like it's going to be a boring and quiet sort of night. It's my last REAL night of freedom, boredom and vacation.


p.s. - Debs, a reminder - send out Parsha Sheet. :) See? I remembered! Teeheehee...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The BoringestER Vacation Continues...

Did nothing all morning. Well, I watched 3 movies, but I don't think that counts. Actually, I went grocery shopping with Freddie and Daddy too. We also went to Mercaz and I finally got new Naot and then to Massada bookstore for the kids' schoolbooks. Then there was a Chefetz Chashud.

The second installment of the baking chug was today. They made multi-purpose pie crust. In the crust they then made tomato-onion-cheese quiche, Broccoli quiche and all 'american'(?) apple pie.

Raizi is still visiting and we watched Anastasia.
Finallly we moved on to our 'fun-time-project' of the day. We Tie-Dyed tee shirts, socks, pillow-cases and underwear. Ok, so we didn't really do the underwear, cause it was in the wash. But we did dye our hands, clothes, linens and the mirpeset floor too.
At 8:30 we headed out to Bet Guvin to a Neshama Carlbach and others concert. Kayla and her mom were there too. It was interesting to say the very least. I mean, it was nice. Mostly nice anyway.
We made it Home a little after midnight and decided to make some dinner. BBQ time. (Only logical thing, right?) So we ran over to the Raizi's to pick up some hot-dogs and Freddie cut up some veggies then she grilled them to perfection and we had a moonlit picnic at the glass table.
Now I reckon it's time to get some shut-eye.

I think I'm supposed to get up early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The BoringestER Day...

We were supposed to either go to the beach or to Ikea today. Suffice it to say, we did neither.

I finally 'cast-off' the last row of stitches and finished my scarf - that I suppose I will use this coming winter.

The 'outing of the day' was our trip to 'Big' - H&O, Energy, Super-pharm, Glasses Place and more. Also, we bought a waffle-maker. Waffles anybody?

Raizi came over this morning and it's been fun spending time with her. We walked over to her house and I picked some movies to watch.

Guess I'll go watch one now.

On a happy note - Mommy bought me a box of 'multi-grain cheerios.' I love cheerios.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Saddest Vacation...

Today was a 'do-nothing' day. But it wasn't one of those relaxing, heart-warming sorts of do-nothing days rather it was one of those unproductive, depressingly pointless do-nothing days.

I hate days like that.

I woke up this morning in time to do nothing. I watched Gladiator just to fill up some time and then I slept a little bit more. Eventually I moved downstairs to the couch, just for a change of scenery.

We went out to Saba and Savta's house which was nice because parts of the Preisers were visiting. I love seeing my cousins And yes, Shui still is undoubtedly my favoritest - though Adina is awfully cute and Ari is quite close in the running.

Mommy and I took a break during which we ran out to Super H for some grocery shopping. Then we stopped off at Home to drop off the perishables and headed back to S&S's. I didn't even go in. The sun was just past its zenith so I took a seat by the pond and sat back to enjoy the relaxing sound of the water and listen to my recently re-permitted (very-much-missed) music.

Finally we headed Home. I went upstairs to do some more nothing and Brenda BBQed quite a feast.

Freddie went to Raizi's house to have a party - so I have to find some way to amuse myself tonight.

Guess I'll do more nothing.

I'm so very good at it.

Actually, I'm not.

I can't stand it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Mmmm... Tastes Like Beetles."

Today was Sunday. First I had the laziest morning that I have had in a very long time. I finally decided to get up and make myself presentable enough to show my face in public. (It takes a lot of work - but sometimes I can almost manage it.)
Then Saba and Savta picked me up and we headed up to Jerusalem for some grandaughter-quality-time. We went out for lunch then stopped off at the fabric store to pick up material for me to make a skirt for Sassy's wedding (which is coming up.)
Back at Home "Sammy's Cooking Chug" had its first session. They made multi-purpose-pizza-dough.
I call it 'multi-purpose' because there are so many things that you can do with it.
Such as:
Garlic Knots - (Knots of dough brushed with olive-oil and garlic.)

Pizza Bubble Rings - (Blobs of dough stuffed with cheese.)
and of course - Pizza (duh.)
After the flour fight, water fight, winkie overload, travelling clothes rack parade and cleaning the floor...

Mommy and I went out to a 'salad and socialize' evening at the shul. It was the Ima's of the community and me. Lol! Funny really. Dr. Yaffa spoke and it was quite an interesting affair.

Now I'm eating apple-dapple cake and some home-made ice cream and then I'll go to sleep.

More exciting stuff tomorrow as Rabbi C arrives and my vacation continues...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Would you like a muffin? I've got 2 to spare...

Shabbos was lots of fun! Shosh was here and we certainly enjoyed our last chance to spend 'quality-time' together before she jets off to frummie-ville. :)Friday night we went to shul and then after the meal we sat around and had a little kumzitz with some singing, shmoozing and of course a couple of shots of cherry and chocolate liqueur... Woke up for shul this morning and it ran a little late then there was a 'one-year-anniversary kiddush' sponsored by a couple of families in the neighborhood. Lunch was a quick milchig affair and then we napped. Four hours later we stumbled downstairs to find something to nosh on and then Shabbos was over. We're trying to figure out our plans for tonight. Shosh is staying and I think some partying is in order.

Especially cause we can listen to music again.


Shavua Tov everybody!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Feeling Perky?

So, the Mushpuchah went to the park on Wednesday, just a few short hours before I got Home. But they took pictures so that I wouldn't feel left out. I have decided to share them in turn so that you can see 'em too.

Well, it looks like they had fun...

In other news, Shosh is over for Shabbos and we're having some good times before she flies off to England to visit her sister and the Pootchkies.

Mebbe tomorrow night I'll post some more pics (Blogger allowing...) as the party continues.

Have a Splendiferous Shabbos!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"My, we certainly do have some interesting bugs around here..."

Another Tisha B'Av come and gone and still we sit in exile awaiting the final redemption.

I woke up early this morning and went to shul. I actually made it through a majority of the Kinnos. Back at Home Freddie and I watched some depressingly sad war and Holocaust movies with intermissions to check on the status of the national news and the general 'going-ons' in our small state.

Shosh came whilst Freddie, Brenda and myself attempted to clean the bedroom in the hopes that it would be neat as a pin for Moshiach's imminent arrival. Sadly, Moshiach was a 'no show' but now the room is a bit cleaner.

Break-fast consisted of vegetable-barley soup (a tradition), homemade chocolate chip muffins, freshly baked coffee cake (with the yummy crumb topping) and a big salad (totally lacking in Bulgarian cheese.)

Afterwards, Brenda made some ice-cream and colored Mommy green.

Then I washed the muffin tins and we went upstairs to go to sleep.

I'm not asleep yet, mostly because I haven't managed to fall there.

"I'm Brian, no I'm Brian, no I'm Brian and so is my wife..."

Good night all... Shabbos is on it's way.

Thank goodness. :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"יתן בעפר פיהו אולי יש תקוה"

A heavy and mournful air lies over the country. I suppose it is only fitting. War around us as history repeats itself and people persecute us for being who we are.

An easy and meaningful fast to everyone.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sniffles, Sneezes and Snotballs...

Well this morning I got a call informing me that I shouldn't bother going into the office.

Rant here: I love imbeciles. I ladore being treated like an idiot. And most of all I simply enamoured of stupidity. I shall stop there. (End of Rant.)

Spent my day on the couch sneezing and using up tissues.

My skill at Tetris seems to have abandoned me and I am having a rather difficult time focusing on anything in particular.

Ya know when you don't feel well and your head is stuffed and you go beyone the 'echo' stage to a point where everything is just muffled? Well, I have hit that point.

And through it all - I can't sleep.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I hate being left behind.

Infatuation. Could that be the word that I have been searching for?

WAH! My vacation plans have been utterly destroyed.