Thursday, August 24, 2006

Been called lots of things in my life but never “James.”

Dear Stuart,

I am (Name withheld to protect the innocent...)'s secretary,

a bit on the delusional side today.....
So sorry for my mistake.............

Yours Sincerely,
(See above Parenthesis.)

Went to Geulah to pick up some surprises for my Brendaloo - whom I love sooooooo much!!! No, really - I do!!!

Filing - HAHAHAHAHA!!! Don't worry Ray, I'm Snapping...

Bus ride Home was uneventful. Walked Home with Mr. Becker and we shmoozed a bit.

Dinner was novel followed by my catastrophe of the evening (I hope.) It involved Syrup Anavim and my Laptop's keyboard. Yep, this one was ALL my fault.

I hope this isn't an indicator of the way Shabbos is going to be.

Cause so far I've got three people mad at me and my '0' key is broken off.

Nope, this doesn't look promising.

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