Saturday, August 12, 2006


Shabbos was nice. A bit nerve-wracking due to some last minute news regarding friends getting sent up to the front lines of battle - but aside from the worrying, we tried to be as happy as possible.

Friday night was nice. The meal was quiet and then Sammy, Shani and I walked out to Nofei Aviv to pick up Raizi and see the Woof. The Woof was nowhere to be found, so we walked back to our side of town.

Shabbos morning we had a rude awakening... Yes, these newfangled phones are a pain. The alarms ring even if the phone is OFF! Sheesh. Anywho, we were woken at 6 and I somehow still got to Shul late. Go figure.

After Shul I walked Home with a friend, just to make sure that everything was ok with them. (They had seemed a bit pensive and withdrawn.) But turns out they were just being moody for no known reason in particular (or one that they didn't want to share in any case.) At Home I dragged Mommy out of the house and we headed over to Ta'ashur to the Greens new house for a quick kiddush. Lunch was late, but I did get my apple pie. We then slept for a few hours and then headed out to Saba and Savta's house.

Back at Home, we played with Polly Pockets, 'Polly' Dolls and we are now onto bigger and better things, namely, bathing our Barbies. They've been sitting in a box in the basement and are sorely in need of baths and some TLC.

I love being a girl, I love my dolls and my stuffed animals, I love Dr. Suess and I love coloring books!

This is going to be quite a week. Back to 'real life' tomorrow.

Shavuah Tov everyone!


Anonymous said...

its not fair!! i was waiting for you all night and i did not know that you had already come to nofei aviv!!!! i wanted to see you guys! i was just up hashushan when you came!!!!-the woof

debsy said...

Back to real life already??? Well only another 2 weeks and i'm going to come and make life a little less boring for u - that ok with u?? ;-)
Gut Voch