Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The BoringestER Vacation Continues...

Did nothing all morning. Well, I watched 3 movies, but I don't think that counts. Actually, I went grocery shopping with Freddie and Daddy too. We also went to Mercaz and I finally got new Naot and then to Massada bookstore for the kids' schoolbooks. Then there was a Chefetz Chashud.

The second installment of the baking chug was today. They made multi-purpose pie crust. In the crust they then made tomato-onion-cheese quiche, Broccoli quiche and all 'american'(?) apple pie.

Raizi is still visiting and we watched Anastasia.
Finallly we moved on to our 'fun-time-project' of the day. We Tie-Dyed tee shirts, socks, pillow-cases and underwear. Ok, so we didn't really do the underwear, cause it was in the wash. But we did dye our hands, clothes, linens and the mirpeset floor too.
At 8:30 we headed out to Bet Guvin to a Neshama Carlbach and others concert. Kayla and her mom were there too. It was interesting to say the very least. I mean, it was nice. Mostly nice anyway.
We made it Home a little after midnight and decided to make some dinner. BBQ time. (Only logical thing, right?) So we ran over to the Raizi's to pick up some hot-dogs and Freddie cut up some veggies then she grilled them to perfection and we had a moonlit picnic at the glass table.
Now I reckon it's time to get some shut-eye.

I think I'm supposed to get up early tomorrow morning.

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Gavriel said...

Caught the same concert and agree it was mostly good. Just checking your blog because you are also listed as from Beit Shemesh.

Take care and happy blogging.